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  1. just use my mod and you can decide for your self if this needs any improvement.
  2. Stop lying and make you one crap. My mod is good the way it is. No need for someone like you to fiddling around in it. Nothing is ok as long as you post here YOUR C.T.R. Physics mod
  3. Crap, its exactly the same file. What you probably didn't know, I changed the hole file. You cant compare this to the original tdu2 one.
  4. @Michal003 Your Mod LOL, I worked weeks on this Mod. A lot of my Club friends tested this. And now you come along and claim this is yours. This is My file, you only Put your name in it and changed things for the worse.
  5. I made a little Mod based on Autohotkey to send arrows via chat. For guys leading a group in TDU2. For this to work you have to install Autohotkey from here AutoHotkey Edit one of my scripts, put your buttons in. Then start the script. You can download the MOD Package here arrow and indicator script pack For easy way to start your game and the script at the same time. You can use my TDU start and backup tool. Witch you can find with a description here. [REL] TDU2 Backup- and Startingtool by Veno | turboduck forum or you can download it here http://www.mediafire.com/download/c0zy080b1ocruqu/TDU+Start+and+Backup.zip How this works you can see in a little video I made. [TUBE]/685_eMVwAzY[/TUBE] The package includes three mods / scripts - "arrow script.ahk" is an easy script with arrows but without indicators and indicator sound. - "arrow and indicator script.ahk" is with additional indicator and sound. - "indicator_script.ahk" is without arrows, only indicators and sound So how will this work. For example the arrow and indicator script.ahk you push a button and an arrow appear in the chat. Like this <<------- or that -------->> your indicator on your car starts and you here a blinking sound you push same button again and indicator will stop. Exact description is in the package. English and German. Hope you like it.
  6. I like to join the H Mode creator Team I played TDU1 since 2008 till the day the server was shot down and I play TDU2 from the beginning. I loved playing TDU1 in H mode. I played TDU1 with a g25 wheel till its broke. Now I´m Playing TDU2 with an T500RS wheel and a TH8 RS shifter nearly every day and I thing I´m not such a bad driver. My Player Name in TDU1 changed a lot. But for some time my name was Veno_TDU and Veno_GER. My name in TDU2 is Veno. I also have some experience in making setups, playing rFactor 1 and rFactor 2. I hope a can join your team and I can help you to bring this thing on its way. Greetings Veno
  7. But then tell me how those trainers work where you have a up to lvl 50 tuned car? A friend of mine use them without any lag at all. Working just fine.
  8. I've heard you can buy tuned Ferraris from the used car dealer
  9. @Racer_S i´m curious, is it possible to ad a small mirror in the hood or in the bumper view ? and also, i would like to change keyboard setting´s. I always switch on the indicator while set camera position :D but so far, very good work, thx bdw, i made a small donation on you homepage. I hope it´s reach you and not someone else
  10. Wy not ? Seems to work online :confused:
  11. you can see shadows appear right in front of you when road is wet.
  12. You sure about that ? So i´m able to move hole folders after the check ? I don't think so.
  13. No problem at all, still working fine. bdw have you seen this nice blinker mod http://forums.testdriveunlimited2.com/showthread.php?t=41243
  14. They have already made a statement.... Question: Camera Hack is Allowed? GMDestra It's considered an at-your-own-risk sort of thing. Modifying your files can put you at risk of being identified for hacking, though each modification is different and thus we can't give a statement on each specific one. The bottom line is - it's preferred that you don't, but if you do, recognize that its at your own risk and forbidden by the terms of use. We understand that modification was a huge community driver in the original TDU and may change our stance when these modifications are better understood, but for the moment, none are officially supported. _______________ http://forums.testdriveunlimited2.com/showpost.php?p=374219&postcount=3
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