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  1. any suggestions on any other car that the m5 can replace in soooooooooooooooooooo appreciated ...... i just love both the SLS and the M5 sooo much that i can't make a decision between the ...... and i don't think the sls's performance is so relevant fo the bimmer .... i already tried replacing it with the rs6 avant, the the avant's wheelbase is a little long for it ...... need help guys
  2. Appreciate your help mate But my game doesn't start if the .bigs are in the backup folder .... whatever i did it will crash, so i cut them to the game directory, replace the mod files, run with unilauncher ..... and bam, no mods to be found ...... so i move my .bigs again to the backup folder . and the game won't start .... i tried recopying the mod files when the .bigs are in the backup folder, but still no luck, have i misunderstood you or am i missing something here ... please help me mate, i'm crazed for that aventador Reventon09 Released today ... and sorry to disturb your quiet, peacefull life :( :confused:
  3. well i'm having the same problem, so could you please tell me how you sorted it out ???
  4. CoooooL ... Welcome back Post-TDU-Modders , really can't wait for the Run's Aventador to bee here, maybe someone will be able to figure out a dash for it
  5. It depends on you ... if you want a hard noised Stripped Racer, you have go for the Scud but if you're more of a soft Spiritually fast and dignified driver .... you'll have the Italia ..... i have driven'em both, adored the Italia and bought it immediately, it sits cheerfully at my garage holding the record of the fastest car round the Oahu intl' Raceway .... even faster than my Ascari A10
  6. i didn't mean that ... i meant that if i had support from them , and if they offered me their product abundantly and affordable enough i would have supported them and bought their original copy and i wouldn't have pirated it or have all that agony
  7. well i expected that but you were my last option ... and how do you expect me to support Atari when Atari are not supporting me .... anyway thnx
  8. well i know that is not admired here but it's a cracked copy i downloaded .... and installed with daemon tools ... i knew from other forums that TDU2 is quite dodgy with that sort of stuff ... so any other advises .....i download it because the original copy isn't exported to my country and it's very hard to find, and so expensive ... i've wasted all my money on upgrading my pc .... if i had some money i'd have ordered it from steam ...... i know that is illegal but i'm so in love with this game i had no other options
  9. hey scoob thnx mate for the fast reply, well it's a copy and i uninstelled and reinstalled for three times and still having this cocky error ... any other advises ????
  10. Guys i got the game a while ago and since then i've been in a very unrewarding pain .... i got to upgrade my processor to Core2Duo 2.9 GHz and my graphix to ATI radeon HD5540 ... and that's good the trouble is that when i start the game it gives me an error saying ((The program failed to start (0xc00007b)) i've googled thet almost a million times and leaded me to uprade my DirectX9 to 10 and my windows XP SP2 to SP3 i have 3 gigs of ram and i'm totally out of my mind ..... i installed the game right and any help would be terrifically appreciated bro .... please end my misery
  11. Oh [email protected] that is terrifically nice ... so if u have the time, i really want this CTS-V and the insignia VXR and the peugeot 206rc the BMW m3 gt2 the rossion and that's it for now, see if u can up them on mediafire that would be awesome man thnx again
  12. i'm sorry guys i know this might sound a bit crude .. but i can't download anything from gamefront .... and i've been unable to do so for more than a year and that's pissing me off cuz i'm missing some fascinating mods ... I've heard that i should turn off chrome translation but i don't know how to do so .... guys please help me that is serious .... i live in egypt and any help will be terrifically welcomed ...... BIG thnx in advance and that's a hell of a car there combat ... another awesome mod
  13. of course Audi RS6 , and Chrysler 300C and merc CLS and in classics i love AC289 and of course my favourit the Aston DB4 GT Zagato
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