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  1. hey hey i think this car cant be bublic buth not now all tools to unpack models from forza horizon 3 is only beta and stil sombudy work on this but i to wana this car in perfect sorry all but u must wating for this car sorry for my eng
  2. if i do anythink in this car when be amezing
  3. first test and wip car convert car from forza horizon 3!!! Lamborghini centarioo[ATTACH]28029[/ATTACH][ATTACH]28032[/ATTACH][ATTACH]28033[/ATTACH]
  4. binbow u program is the Best meyby some day u can do tduvpe to add new car line
  5. star its u fole i dont relase my mods i sspend wery long time to teachenig how create mods to tdu 2 but ok u say if u want some specjal car u must do this alone and i do alone this mod and now u cant see this but i never relase this car i have now meny super car clasic and etc thx star for motivation and i dont need write u mods its bla bla bad u have this lights its no perfect or somthink like that sorry for my eng now im egoist u member this strargt thechickeneater i dont need money for my work i do this for my satisfaction
  6. binbow i have one qestion u do change bran name wha u tink about brand logo changer and add brand to tuner shop
  7. I apologize to all of you but I can not relased my mods star is not here just do not want to seem them because they are only for my use
  8. helo evry one i need some help i wana try do mods to tdu 2 first start not be that therible but now i need u help i try work interiors to my car but i dont cant im dont know what im do wrong when i try merge my interior whit interior from game i dont have textures in game dont bee red or pink only white i start this car and i must done this pl Help!![ATTACH]23906[/ATTACH]
  9. hey guy i found my lot cars in servers pls try this and if sombudy cant or want pl do some pic to this post i dont have tdu and i dont cant do this https://www.mediafire.com/folder/civ4atruiq45qr4,0f4sf4weg75vujs,nbdef63ylsech9u,vb8jprtv39hj4h9,2ojcn4caos92fee,tta2wqlf7d24ag8,ab08ekk07b3trp2,otbb4d155c2j6cw,4z4ii46ryj4bljx,9h1925ovziuagw8,xqvvqzh483qgb53,53lwxovdqmmvu5m/shared
  10. or u cant try chnge terxture license plate in mod model adobe photoshop or aomthink that
  11. hey i download u mods and i must say this is grate graphics conffig but i have one qestion what u say abouth adding morning fog i think this cant be good effect with thid enb ??
  12. U must change u files name to macan. But macan turbo be to long and change value in mOdell name in file I'd I show u this in screen but not now meyby 1 hours ok I have that same problem I se some name in other car my car name id look that 110------ or somthink think that
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