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  1. hey hey i think this car cant be bublic buth not now all tools to unpack models from forza horizon 3 is only beta and stil sombudy work on this but i to wana this car in perfect sorry all but u must wating for this car sorry for my eng
  2. if i do anythink in this car when be amezing
  3. first test and wip car convert car from forza horizon 3!!! Lamborghini centarioo[ATTACH]28029[/ATTACH][ATTACH]28032[/ATTACH][ATTACH]28033[/ATTACH]
  4. binbow u program is the Best meyby some day u can do tduvpe to add new car line
  5. star its u fole i dont relase my mods i sspend wery long time to teachenig how create mods to tdu 2 but ok u say if u want some specjal car u must do this alone and i do alone this mod and now u cant see this but i never relase this car i have now meny super car clasic and etc thx star for motivation and i dont need write u mods its bla bla bad u have this lights its no perfect or somthink like that sorry for my eng now im egoist u member this strargt thechickeneater i dont need money for my work i do this for my satisfaction
  6. binbow i have one qestion u do change bran name wha u tink about brand logo changer and add brand to tuner shop
  7. I apologize to all of you but I can not relased my mods star is not here just do not want to seem them because they are only for my use
  8. helo evry one i need some help i wana try do mods to tdu 2 first start not be that therible but now i need u help i try work interiors to my car but i dont cant im dont know what im do wrong when i try merge my interior whit interior from game i dont have textures in game dont bee red or pink only white i start this car and i must done this pl Help!![ATTACH]23906[/ATTACH]
  9. hey guy i found my lot cars in servers pls try this and if sombudy cant or want pl do some pic to this post i dont have tdu and i dont cant do this https://www.mediafire.com/folder/civ4atruiq45qr4,0f4sf4weg75vujs,nbdef63ylsech9u,vb8jprtv39hj4h9,2ojcn4caos92fee,tta2wqlf7d24ag8,ab08ekk07b3trp2,otbb4d155c2j6cw,4z4ii46ryj4bljx,9h1925ovziuagw8,xqvvqzh483qgb53,53lwxovdqmmvu5m/shared
  10. or u cant try chnge terxture license plate in mod model adobe photoshop or aomthink that
  11. hey i download u mods and i must say this is grate graphics conffig but i have one qestion what u say abouth adding morning fog i think this cant be good effect with thid enb ??
  12. U must change u files name to macan. But macan turbo be to long and change value in mOdell name in file I'd I show u this in screen but not now meyby 1 hours ok I have that same problem I se some name in other car my car name id look that 110------ or somthink think that
  13. and no I do not intaluje cool your mods dremapack 2 and is git and the problem i say that i onlu use this for my private usage
  14. I was not here with you exhibit their fashion with Dr. float just asked if I can use them in your game beyond Dr Pack and if you can insert them on the server I know I will try improve the game and wogole but I also Durzo changed in its data base and I did not want this because it really spoil what would happen if xarlith began work on up to 5, and your Dr pack was not compatible and sometimes not who want must enter your changes moja lista samochodów dodanych wygląda tak lamborghini sesto elemento lamborghini lp 640 lamborghini lp 670 sv lamborghini diablo gtr ferrari mig u1 bmw e46 csl bmw m1 mecedes c63 amg 3 models gallardo ford raptor svt mitsubishi evo x and ix ford rtr-x mercedes 190 evolution agera cc8s and more and i must ddelete this all when u relased dream pack when i want only p1 and zonda r this joke
  15. try reneme rims to hur_f_01 name can be to long --- Post Updated --- try reneme rims to hur_f_01 name can be to long or u must chnge rim to num 5 or 6 rims from miura have some bugs and dont work if u have dream pack u cant use rims number from huracan orginal
  16. ifu have problrm with speed u must search not orginal psychic i see somhere in this post link manesag u must change cam id and id3 from ccxr and all be good u must edit carlist.xml in tduvpe if sombudy have problem with the collapse of the car when braking or gear changes have to edit ground effect and thou hast proportions in dw options if all items sry for my english
  17. eh ok i think u test what u doo but ok
  18. binbow how to edit bouncing the car in the turns and sinking into the ground someone knows what I need to edit
  19. I do not understand what you in TDU2 Nissan s15 or 2SX is surely not nfs and no one seems to intend to do with this game nfs me tdu name associated with the super fast cars and no tuning nissan country and these similar kzdy I know that he likes what else but poco this change the game on the need for speed is better to let the guys will add some new super cars and SUVs have any motors and so old and mitkop odwalaja a good job
  20. i want edit file from u program TDU2DBCarList.xml i want change some value and send u or upload to some servers I ask your permission to edit and send
  21. this not be true i have that same problem and i must add cars from u pack to carlist.xml and now work evrythink i cant add more cars to ruf shop binbow i cant edit u carlist and add this to this post ??
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