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  1. Well i didn't have a camera or phone with me but i just saw this About two street corners away and it was parked in front...of a pawn shop!? Well maybe the owner about killed his budget getting it and he was in dire need of money. More likely though, that's not where he went. Anyway my heart skipped a beat and i was all :drool: . It was impeccable. Since the top was off i entertained the idea of getting in and hotwiring it but then i remembered i don't know how to.
  2. hehe. When i watch this video through the forum, like in my above pozt instead of youtube it slows down considerably. Maybe better off watching on youtube cause slow downs in a racing video are not tolerable, here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-K1B4sTX4o&feature=related
  3. This is a classic but if you've never seen this you're in for a treat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-K1B4sTX4o Who: Ari Vatanen Where: Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, Colorado When: 1988 In: Peugeot 405 T16
  4. Yeah they went to that disused TVR factory on a Top Gear episode. It's full of unfinished bodies like that. Can't anyone use them? I mean if only for the meterials, i don't know...
  5. The argument about the pad vs wheel is absolutely moot because here is where i confess i actually do NOT have a wheel (so the person that tried to help me with wheel settings, thank you but unfortunately it was useless to me :-p). I play with a xbox controller and YET i find the controls to be absolutely atrocious and dumbed down compared to TDU. I don't expect a sim, i also don't expect a brick on rails. I might get a wheel IF it wans't so expensive and i played more racing games. And yeah that IS the problem, that they rewrote the physics AT ALL. If they had intended on improving them sure but what they did is actually made them worse, dumbed them down, at this point i have to wonder why they even need the Havok engine, they should have just let it be. It would have just been a new map, new options and new cars. And that would have been perfectly fine! i mena i could and would spend hours on the car customization options alone if i actually wanted to drive the car once i'm done.
  6. Well i'm assuming but since it's all car enthusiasts here it's probably known by some. I will claim to be patriotically motivated in posting about this car, I am canadian but more specifically french-canadian. As you surely know there is basically no such thing as canadian cars, well there HAVE been some but very few and basically since the 1930's it's all been american cars. But in the 1960's a french canadian Renault employee in the province of Quebec had a dream. And this dream ended up being called the Manic GT. While the word Manic DOES mean something in english, it's actually the abbreviation of Manicouagan which is an indian word and a river in northern quebec where huge hydraulic dams were built in the 70's, each of those dams is called Manic (well and followed by a number to differentiate them), it was a word that evoked power and greatness in the 70's here, basically. Unfortunaltely the dream would only last three years, from 1969 to 1971, and only about 130 were produced. Despite the car being sold for about a perfectly reasonable 3000$ at the time, the company struggled and finally folded. I would resume the story of the car but it will be much better to just paste the wikipedia entry. Here's some pics first: -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- From wikipedia: "It was the brainchild of a young (born in 1938) Montrealer named Jacques About. In the late 1960s, About, an employee of Renault Canada's public relations department, was asked to study the feasibility of importing the sporty Renault Alpine into Canada. The Alpine was a specialized sports/competition car made by an independent company (it would be absorbed by Renault in 1974), but using Renault components. Alpines were sold through Renault dealers in Europe. Although About's survey results were positive, Renault chose not to import the Alpine. About was so encouraged by the results of the survey, which revealed a market for such a car, that he decided to leave Renault and produce his own sports car to fill the niche he was sure he had identified. After building a version of the French GRAC racing car under licence, called the Manic GRAC, a venture that garnered some good publicity, About established Automobile Manic Inc. in 1968. It was formed to build a two-seater sports coupe called the Manic GT. The enthusiastic and persuasive Mr. About proved adept at fund-raising, and with the backing of such heavyweights as Bombardier (snowmobiles), Steinberg supermarkets, and the Governments of Canada and Quebec, he soon had capitalization of $1.5 million. A plant was acquired in Granby, Quebec, and design and production planning for the new car began. While the GRAC had been a racing car, the Manic GT was not intended for competition. It was to be a small, stylish and affordable two passenger touring car offering good performance and low fuel consumption. About was familiar with Renault components and the company, and made a deal to use the platform and running gear of the rear-engined Renault 10 sedan as the base for the Manic. Suspension was independent all around via coil springs, steering was rack-and-pinion, and it had four-wheel disc brakes. The Renault engine was a sturdy, 1,289-cc, overhead valve four-cylinder with five main bearings. It came in three stages of tune: 65, 80 and 105 horsepower. Power reached the rear wheels through a standard four-speed, or optional five-speed manual transmission." Personally regardless of it's origins (and hence a potential bias), i think this is a great looking car and i would LOVE to own one. It has "porschey" lines a bit. I know TDU mods are built from models already available in other games but if I was good enough with modeling and textures to build a mod from scratch, that's the car i'd probably start with.
  7. After my last post in this thread, which was alreayd a bunch fo days ago, i tried for about half an hour to fix the handling as much as possible. Then i tried to get used to the bad driving. After 30 mins more, the game was off my drive, forever. Worst sequel in recent memory. A complete disaster. As for the peple mentionning GTAIV. I actually kinda hated the driving in this. Yes it did seem realistic but in the context of the game, i didnt feel it made much sense to want to make it well, as hard to drive. Because it is. Especially if you're trying to do a chase in a mission (i make the distinction because the "generic" chases like you get from police cars are lame cause the baddies are WAY too slow, in missions chases they're fast but that's because they're made to plow unscathed through any vehicles, which is lame), and i feel no matter what that the cars no matter how much you slow down do NOT turn enough. You can never quite make that turn unless that is you have one of the top cars with the best handling (which sucks caus enromally i want to drive the muscle cars). I thought the driving was frustating and it's not like its a game that gives you open roads, there's always traffic and stuff in the way, i had the least fun driving around in this GTA comapred with the ones before DESPITE it actually having sorta realistic physics and such. You just couldnt do what you really wanted and im sorry but when i'm ALSO trying to shoot someone while driving, i don't want my driving to be a struggle. But there is NO DOUBT that it is more realistic than TDU2. It's just not a good idea in the context of GTA. Make the handling more forgiving anyway. Wanting good physics does not mean making them realistic necessarily. I mean they have to be good to allow for fun and thrilling driving without feeling like i'm driving something that has no mass or give me no sense of the ride. GTA is still not a racing game, nor should it be. Another issue is the sense of speed isnt that great. For thrilling CAR CHASES they STILL haven't done better than Driver 2.
  8. Alright alright my bad, i didn't know there was no swearing allowed here. When i saw it getting "asterisked" it i assumed it was fine. I guess thats why they tell you to read the rules:-p. I swear like a sailor in real life so it's kinda hard for me to adapt. Then let me rephrase those sentences i wrote above "The driving is a piece of human wastes" "It's like they said "You know all the people who liked the first one? Yeah well, copulate with these guys." Anyway the issue isn't bugs, it's the actual gameplay. I DO hope they will overhaul the driving with a patch but i actually entertain no real illusion they ever will. When has such a critical component as gameplay ever been adressed in a patch of any game? It would be like admitting that their whole game down to it's core is bad. And there's unfortunately probably just enough people that actually like it or dont mind it so they wouldn't dare touch it. They're as the saying goes damned if they do or damned if they don't.
  9. Yesterday i was telling myself, you know it's been a while since i've seen any kind of supercar. But then again it was spring and winter which around ehre is no weather fit for taking a supercar out. And so now, just 20 mins ago, parked on the street in front of famous montreal deli Shwartz's, i see driving off a black Lamborghini Gallardo! Now because i'm not that keen on Lambos i'm not that familiar with the Gallardo models so i'm not sure which one it was, i know it was black and the SE was not offered in black but beyond that... Nice to see all the same. Much much less extravagant but nice to look at all the same, a few parking spots down was a red BMW Z4 E89. I have to say that living in Montreal, it's not a good place to see supercars generally. If you have the money you move out of there to a warmer climate that allows you to drive your fancy car any time of the year.
  10. I'll be trying those settings but am not expecting it's gonna fix my major isuees with the driving... It's like Eden went, "hey you know all those people who really liked the first one? Yeah well, screw these people, let's try something else instead." Ill now always remember this quote from one of the developers "we redid all the physics from scratch" Redid? You mean you ditched them entirely, right? I hate to bring back the old cliche but..if it ain't broke, then, really, please.... don't fix it.
  11. i've finally decided to try TDU 2 after my brother told me it wasnt as bad as eveyrone claimed. He said i should set the mode to hardcore and sensitivity of the controls to maximum. Well i have, i believe, done all this. i've set it to hardcore and the driving is a huge piece of...erm....crap. I dont mean it's too hard, i mean it's not even close to being as realistic as TDU 1 set with all driving aids. I mean the car doesnt feel like something that has its own mass, it just moves left and right like a brick, it STUCK to the road and give you no feel for it. Yes, you WILL spin and lose control if you swerve left and right too much except you get no feel for it BEFORE it happens, its like a trigger, ok trigger NOW set to spin...whereas in TDU you always feel exactly what your car is doing, the "feedback" of the road and of your car reaction is great for a game that didn't claim to be terribly realistic. So they pad this sequel up with tons of options and customizations and even a story, which i think is GREAT (ell maybe not the story part_ but when its not backed by the most important thing of all, namely, good driving, then who cares? Id rather have none of this and the same great driving as before. I've played about 20 mins and this is going to get uninstalled fast. I guess it's back to the first one and mods. Major Thumbs down to Eden games for dumbing the controls down, probably to appeal to people who don't like driving games that much. This is one of the worst sequels i've experienced in a long time. I suspect this won't be as popular as they hoped and we won't even get a third (and hence a chance for eden to redeem themselves), this game could have been an instant classic.... [mod edit:] Please do not swear or use asterisk's to mimic swearing, thanks.
  12. Probably if i had to pick just one...a Lancia Stratos. Even if, yeah i know, it's actually very uncomfortable in there. That or about 90% of all muscle cars ever made. Whoever posted the Roadrunner Hemi, great one. Also '65 mustang, a '71 charger, a 68' Mercury Cougar, a '71 Dodge Demon, a '73 Ford Falcon, a Mustang Mach 1, a '69 GTO Judge, a'70 Firebird Formula, a Maverick Grabber, a GT-500, an Olds 442...well....i could go on and on really...
  13. I drive...nothing. I'm a couch car enthusiast. The most pathetic kind of all. I like to look at cars. I like to read about cars. I like to watch shows about cars. I like to go to car shows too. I just don't own or drive them (Well i mean aside form virtually :-p) I HAVE driven before but i haven't done in hmm...7 years now i think? I moved in downtown montreal in 2004 and haven't needed a car since (well public transport here HAS won the best in north america prize in 2010). I stupidly let my license expire though which i really regret, now i'll have to take the driving test again if i want it back. Anyway cars cost a lot of money which realistically i dont REALLY have (i mean not just to buy one but keep it fueled and all that sort of things, parking in cities is a nightmare anyway).
  14. Really? hmm. Then i'm starting to suspect a bug. I dont know, it's just that in my experience with used cars reservations they usually come within an hour or two of gameplay. I remember the last two times actually it was within half an hour. Have i just been really lucky all this time? I mean i have bought every signle car in the game so i've had to reserve quite a lot of them. I think that patience isn't really an issue anymore at this point. I'm on holiday and i've been basically doing almost nothing but playing TDU the past four days, i'm surely at least 20 hours of gameplay past from when i actually put the reservation, no joke. That's i believe a fairly good amount of waiting, hence why im starting to suspect it's never gonna show up. Especially since you say the rarity is set at lowest, i've never had that problem with any other car.
  15. I've posted about this in my introduction thread but i figured i'd get more help if i gave this topic it's own thread. I have the Bugatti Type 57 S Atlantic mod by 2cv. I want to buy the car but it isn't available at the dealer. I reserved, i played 12 hours, still not available. I don't like waiting, it's a mod, i'd like to be able to buy it upon install. Somebody said to try modding tools, i did, and in the modding tools i can see the Bugatti Type 57 Mod if i check the option use modded names but i can't select it (its in faded gray not solid), so i can't edit anything about it (not that i'd know what to do if i could select it but i intended to find out). I tried TDUPE when i learned you could easily edit a ca'rs rarity with it but apparently that doesn't recognise mods at all. I guess i'm stuck with waiting for eternity until this car shows up in the dealership. With all due respect to it's maker and to modders in general, i think if you're gonna put a modded car in the game, then make it available, you want people to actually be able to use it, not spend five months playing in hopes it shows up in the dealership :confused:(ok well it hasnt been that long but i've defintiely played 12 hours at least since reserving it and that's really way too long). I know i could test drive it but that's just annoying, i want to own it, not have to return it after 20 mins. I can't say i've ever liked this idea of availability in regards to used cars dealerships that they've put in the game anyway, what purpose does it serve exactly? None at all, just make you wait needlessly for the car you want. you have the money, you want to buy the car. This isn't real life, i shouldn't have to wait for it. Maybe the makers want to teach people that you can't always get what you want when you want it, well, thanks but i already knew that, games are supposed to be less frustrating that way.
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