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  1. of course, i know how to mod very well. everything is done wright, other mods can be installed either manual or automatic. just this car crashes my game...i tried everything
  2. after i installed the car, the game started to crash after i press continue in main menu. why ?
  3. I am glad to see someone actually modding for TDU those days, I salute you, sir !
  4. Nice piece of german engineering
  5. Happens to me sometimes but not just with this car but with bassically every installer that i run . Try to install it manually and you're good to go.
  6. Good mod mate...as aslways :D . Merry Christmas to you too Norby , best wishes >:d<
  7. Yeeeees ! This is amazing man ! I've always wanted this car since i firs saw it in NFS The Run . Good work Minime , i thank you !
  8. Tdu Vice city :))
  9. Ah , finally it's here , every boy's dream . Tnx bro :)
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