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  1. alex.ro

    Sk1zzo's Shots

    Nice shots boss :))
  2. S.a trimis de doua ori chiar :)) , am dat reply citesiti acolo ;)
  3. Salut frate. Ti-am trimis un mesaj privat dar nu stiu daca s-a trimis pentru ca atunci cand ma uit la sent items zice ca e gol.
  4. alex.ro

    alex.ro : Mercedes in black.

    tnx tototo ;) , I like Mercedes a lot :D
  5. alex.ro

    alex.ro : Mercedes in black.

    Hi , this is my second photothread . Enjoy ;) :duck:
  6. alex.ro

    TDU big problem

    From store ,original one
  7. alex.ro

    TDU big problem

    Hi ,i recently start modding TDU (again :D ) and after installing a lot of mods apx 30 (manual instalation used only with TDUMT) my screeen freezes if i want to start any race . I'v tryed everything . I'm making this thread because i don't want to reinstall the game ,as i say i have a lot of great mods and i have putted a lot of work on it . Pls help
  8. Hi , my modding tools seems to stop working propelly . For example if i change camera on any car , or change interior colors etc. in game those modifications do not take effect . My tdupe is working propely btw . pls help me .The only thing which works is the ''Install' part but just that.
  9. Hi , i saw on the first page the cam sets for audi s6 abt where can i find this mod , on topic nice cam sets :thumbsup:
  10. Yo alex, u mean the BMW M5 F10 Physics?, i make some therd few day's ago.. but they don't accept it.. when u want it.. i just send u the link for it :P
  11. hi , i would like the BMW M5 F11 Pshycs pls :)
  12. alex.ro

    2011 Jaguar XKR Speed

    Yes , a have this mod , but it 's RHD :| and i like the 2011 version a lot more :D , thx anyways
  13. alex.ro

    2011 Jaguar XKR Speed

    Hi , i was wondering if any modder could convert the 2011 Jaguar XKR Speed for tdu . The car was converted from TDU 2 to NFSMW , here is the link : NFSCars Jaguar XKR Speed by Alexc12fr . I heard that is illegal to convert cars from TDU2 an post to this forum but , it's not really from TDU2 . I hope somebody will do this car :thumbsup:
  14. The car is converted from TDU2 to NFS Most Wanted , here is the link : NFSCars Mercedes Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series by F.R. . Maybe is easier to convert from mw to TDU . I hope someone convert it .
  15. alex.ro

    Fiat 500 Abarth

    urban give me the link to the thread