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  1. Hi, Could you add a Hummer H1 to the mod? I know there was a HUMVEE out there too. I tried it out back then, when I was an active gamer. Maybe I still have the file somewhere... Here's an H1 for example: https://hf-garage.ru/files/mody_dlja_test_drive_unlimited/hummer/hummer_h1_alpha_open_top_39_2006/151-1-0-907 I know you have a lot of request, but it would be so cool... Thank You!
  2. Hey! First of all I want to thank you and for the contributors for this awsome mod! TDU1 was my favorite game. Nowadays I saw somewhere a post of your mod so started over playing. There are some things I would like to ask though: 1. The gas consumption option is just terrific idea, but where can I find stations? Or how is it working? 2. Traffic AI was modified? As I remember the original game (or at least after the official Car pack DLC) the traffic's band change was smooth, but now they do it so sudden. Don't know if you get what I mean so I made a picture. Maybe I did miss a step when I installed the mod? I simply installed the original game, no patches, no DLC, or anything, then I installed the mod and it's patch. Thanks for your answer!
  3. And what if I don't have any patch buttons? (TDUMT v1.16.2) :para:
  4. You did again a damn great mod! Thx! I see, you have good eyes to select the rims for the rides. Looks great! Could you post a link for these rims, or at least it's name please? Thx.
  5. Nice!!!!! I want to drive it too, but Mediafire tells me "Invalid or Deleted File." :bsod: Please upload it again! :bow: Usually I don't like huge wings, so i would use the no-spoiler version too. :cool:
  6. Nice mod! I like it very much, but - want to know which rim do you use with the car, 'couse it's cool for this car, but there's no rim in the archive... - could you tell me the ride height, becouse for some reason can't run TDUPE and can't install the psyhics? Thx again for the car! Good Work!
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