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  1. Both should work fine. At least for the first one, I can confirm that it works. As @Tadpole said, pausing helps. I've also noticed that it's usually when there are other players connected to you when it bugs, so there's a lower chance of breaking if you're in a menu or paused. However, it's not a guarantee. You may get unlucky.
  2. Do you have MSI Afterburner running? Any overlay display may create issues with d3d9 injections. Try closing them. If it works without MSI Afterburner running, go to "Riva Tuner" (it's in your bar next to the clock while MSI Afterburner is running). There's an option in there called "Custom Direct3D Support", see if it works after enabling it.
  3. Limit your FPS to 60. You can do that by enabling V-Sync in the Project Paradise launcher. Traffic goes crazy in this game if FPS is above 60. It seems like they made calculations rely on frames, not time. Therefore, game runs differently on different systems. Try the 60 FPS limit, it fixed it for me.
  4. Nah, not your project. I just have issues because the domes are usually specific colors which are very hard to manipulate. For instance, if you want a purple sky with some orange at the bottom, you can't do that. That's because to make a purple sky, you remove a lot of green and red. And when you remove the red color, the orange part disappears. I thought of doing it like you did, but never got around to it. I'll try to see if I can make some better looking combinations this way, tbh it should open up a lot of opportunities. And yeah, so far I love how the cars handle. Great job!
  5. I haven't tried it with a wheel yet, but the new physics are pretty great with a keyboard. Definitely better than UCP. I'll see if I get a chance to plug in the wheel one of these days to see how that plays. Also, what you've done with the domes is something I've been thinking about for a very long time, but never got around to trying out. If I get some time, I may capitalise and do something similar, would prevent a lot of the issues I'm currently dealing with in terms of the sky at least.
  6. Oh boy! I can't wait to try it out tonight! I'm curious if we'll see new highs of online players these days because of this!
  7. I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to do. Are you picking on TDU modders for leaving? People do this as a hobby, they want to make a car and they do so. They share it with the community so they can make people like us happy. It is a LOT of work to do that and the work itself is not fun, I can assure you that. The end result is the main driving force. When a modder has gotten bored of a game and doesn't have the motivation to do a mod for it, why should he do that? Also, keep in mind that TDU has very few active people anymore. And if you put on 50 or 100 hours of work into a mod and put it online just to get a single reply, it is underwhelming. You are very proud of the work you've done and you want to see that people have enjoyed that and that it was worth investing those hours. If you don't get anything in return, you will lose interest in doing the work as well. GTA San Andreas on the other hand has a huge player base to this day. If you were to make a good mod for GTA SA, you'd get thousands of downloads and hundreds of comments. Therefore, you'd be very happy yourself, because you know you've made so many other people happy.
  8. Oh, I've never thought of that. Either way, happy you like it!
  9. Hawaiian Bliss v3.0 Changes to V3.0: ~100 new textures imported and edited from TDU 2 & Hawaii Beauty Enhancement - these include road, rocks, trees, grass, bushes and many more! Fine-tuned darker weathers for better visibility Nights have a moon (TDU 2 texture) This mod includes HD100 patch V3.0 Pictures (showcasing textures mostly): Link to album of pictures. Vegetation (trees/palms/flowers/grass): Moon: TDU 2 Road Texture: DOWNLOAD LINK V3.0
  10. That sounds like a lot of work and fixes! I've actually come across only the third one, but then again, I don't play with automatic transmission and repaint the vehicles with custom one quite often. And hey, if you need help with the weather, I've messed about with that quite a lot.
  11. What are those "mistakes" you keep mentioning? I haven't had any issues with the pack, game doesn't crash or anything.
  12. Well, from the 411 cars listed in the first post, S ends on 378. That would mean it's about 92% done if the unlisted cars have the same letter ratio as the listed ones. Now, if Milli keeps the same pace, there have been 412 days since she's done the first post on 26th of December 2017. If we're 92% done, that would mean that there are about 36 days left until she's done with the cars. A bit over a month then. Thing is, there are probably other things she'll have to do after finishing with the cars as well, and we don't know what are the unlisted cars as well. So, many variables either way. And yes, I'm quite a nerd.
  13. I've been working on a new version of the mod for some time and I am finally finished with it. I hope you guys enjoy it! I HIGHLY advice you try out HDR mode with version 2.0. I promise you, you'll love it! Hawaiian Bliss v2.0: Changes to V2.0: Fixed bug with clouds not appearing on the Sky. Reworked HDR mode, no more constant change of brightness while using HDR! Completely reworked night mode for easier cruising and racing. Made changes to reflections, no more "glowing" cars on sunny days. Every weather has been fine-tuned for better cruising experience. Visibility increased. Pictures: Pink Sunset: Day 1 Sunset: Purple Sunset: Bright Sunset: Night time : Morning: Day 1: Day 2 : Cloudy Morning: Cloudy Day: Cloudy Sunset: All pictures were done with default/standard TDU textures, this time I've applied HD300 draw distance mod as well. Anisotropic Filtering x16 was forced through Nvidia Panel. In-game settings were HDR: ON, Texture Quality: High, Resolution: 1920 x 1080, Anti-Aliasing: x4.
  14. I love it, it's very stylish and clean. Awesome job! :tup:
  15. Well, from my experience, there are about 100 players online at peak times, seems to be a stable number as well. Can get down to 30s at off peak times. Servers work a lot better than the original ones, you get connected to players a lot faster and the connection doesn't drop, again, at least for me. Online races don't work, but you can still cruise around the island with friends. You can use custom mods, like Milli's ultra community pack (or the upcoming tdu platinum) and you won't get banned or anything. I haven't seen the server down, although I'm not the most active player. Hope this helps! :tup:
  16. What you can do is, simply zip the whole game folder and try whatever you want. If you break it, just delete the whole folder and unzip the archived version which works perfectly.
  17. Do you by any chance have an SSD on the computer, but are running the game on your HDD? If so, I think this may be the issue. Try moving the game to the SSD. If not, then it could probably be lack of RAM, although I doubt that may be the case when you're playing such an old game. :D
  18. Sorry for the double post, but I'd rather many people see this. I just played around with no HDR and I noticed that the colors appear significantly different. Examples: First one is no HDR, second one is HDR. You can clearly see to the right, how different the sky is very low, towards sea level and the whole sea has so many more colors into it compared to no HDR version where the sea practically just reflects the sky's color. Now, I played around with the HDR settings and realized it's thanks to the HDR that we get those effects and this representation of it isn't the best, but it makes a SIGNIFICANT visual difference (at least in my opinion). Now, I can easily fix the issue with the brightness, where it goes up and down all the time when using HDR and have just the other effects. My question is: If the brightness doesn't change all the time, would you switch to HDR? Because I'm unsure what to do with the mod now, I thought no HDR looks a lot more similar to HDR, but now I realize it's a completely different mod. Thanks in advance to everyone that decides to take from their time and answer. :)
  19. Yes, of course. I'm not sure how much you know about these stuff, so I'll explain in detail. What TDU uses is ADS lighting, which stands for Ambient, Diffuse and Specular. As you can see on the image above, these are the three separate components and the fourth image is the result of combining them. What you see on the road, that shininess comes from the Specular light. The line that controls that therefore is this one " SUNSPECULARCOLOR = 1.498 1.134 0.567 1.00000 " (numbers are from SUNRISE weather). As you can see, there are 4 values. These 4 values represent RGBA (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha). You don't care about the Alpha value, so just leave that at 1. Now, you can make every single color you want, by using these three particular colors - red, green and blue. You can play around with the sliders on this website to see for yourself. The values in the website are from 255 to 0, however as you can see the values in TDU are 0.5, 0.7, 1.2, etc. The values that are in TDU are simply multipliers of that number. So 1.0 would be 255. It's important to note that the higher the value, the brighter that color is. Anyway, you can easily calculate the colors by dividing the number in the website to 255. So, for instance the color you choose is 255, 200, 215, that color in game would be 1.0, 0.7843, 0.843. These numbers are made up by dividing 255/255, 200/255, 215/255. Now, the color will appear the same as it does in the website, but the brightness will be even lower than the one on the values I've put in. In order to increase the brightness, you need to multiply these exact values. So for instance, you want to increase the brightness by 50%. You do that by multiplying all these values, so 1.0 * 1.5 would be 1.5, 0.7843 * 1.5 would be 1.176, 0.843 * 1.5 would be 1.2645. So the color that has 50% more brightness will be 1.5 1.176 1.2645. Funnily, however, you run into another issue here. The more you increase the brightness, the less contrast that color is going to have. Therefore, the color will appear a bit lighter in shade than its unmodified counterpart. This is why you may have to play a lot with these values until you find the color that you're looking for. That website is very useful for that since you can see how the final color changes by changing the values. For instance, for the color I've given as an example (255,200,205), if when you increase the brightness, the color gets too close to white, you can notice that just by decreasing the "green" value, you get a darker shade of pink. So, you may try decreasing the modified values from 1.5 1.176 1.2645 to maybe 1.5 1.05 1.2645 and see if that helps. It's mostly trial and error until you find what you're looking for with these. TLDR: What you may try to do is just multiply the first 3 values of SUNSPECULARCOLOR by a value. For example, if you want to try increasing it by 20%, you multiply them by 1.2. If, however, you don't like the new color, you'll have to mess with all 3 colors a bit and it gets trickier and you'll have to read carefully everything above. Mind that I typed this in pretty quickly, so I'm sorry if it's not written well. If you don't understand something, just ask and I'll try to clear it out. EDIT: Oh, I forgot. Keep in mind that most weather parts have 2 different parts. There's SUNRISE, but there's also SUNRISE2. And if you change the specular value of SUNRISE, you need to change it for SUNRISE2 as well. Also, MOONLIT has MOONLIT2 as well. All sunsets have a "2" version as well. That's all done for the sun position, so if you change a specular value, reflection value or anything else except the sun position, you have to change it for the "2" version of that same weather part as well. This does not apply for DRYDAY and DRYDAY2, though. These are 2 completely different weather sets.
  20. Hey! I tried to make the reflections in nighttime a lot better, but since there isn't any light I pretty much had to boost them to unreasonable levels. Yes, you can modify it quite easily. Go to Euro=>Bnk=>FX. If you're using HDR, open Weather_HDRI.ini, if you're not using HDR open Weather.ini. If it asks, open it with Notepad++ (If you have it) or just the regular Notepad if you don't. Find the weather that is called "DARKNIGHT" and "MOONLIT". There are many values below these names, you need to find this one "CARREFLECTIONLUM = 2.00". This basically controls how much the light affects the car or otherwise said, if you decrease this value, cars won't shine as much. Unfortunately, traffic cars will shine more than your own one at night, no matter what. The positive of that is that, they'll be easier to spot when you're driving fast. Either way, if you change the value from "2.00" to "1.00", your car will shine a LOT less. You can mess with that value until you find the amount that suits you best. If you have any issues figuring this out, just tell me and I'll correct the values and send you the files. I hope this helps! :)
  21. Weird place you live in. :D I'll PM you about it, so we're not spamming the thread. EDIT: Just realized I can't PM you for some reason. Anyway, since it's another person's work, I can't really publish anything without permission. You can do it yourself though, you can just add the fog weather and replace the first part of the sunrise with it. Just make sure to put in my sunrise's sun direction: SUNDIR = -1.00000 -0.002 0.00000 0.00000 You can keep everything just like on the other mod and just put in that. In WeatherDesc, replace SUNRISE (not SUNRISE2) with that fog weather. :) Hope you enjoy it! :)
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