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  1. We back ON! Glad to see you released this, is being downloaded so id provide my feedback after
  2. @NismoFanboy77 you need zmodeler to convert cars to tdu but you might also need 3ds max to do mapping to the interior
  3. Consider using Mega for your upload or at least as a mirror link since the internet can go off and the download will continue from where it stopped. I say this because of the size the file will have thats all...cheers looking good so far
  4. [ATTACH]30244[/ATTACH] I want to go back to modding and release the final mods I have showcased reguardless of all the mod stealing thats been going on....BUT I am stuck with a laptop that just by looking at the image above you will see it sucks.....I am surprise I can play tdu on it. maybe in a month or two I will get my desktop sent to where I am staying but I show this so that the people I play with can see it and notice why I might leave some games n why I dont get to finish some mods like I would normally do. thank you
  5. @Ahmed_A7 the pack is not ready yet and is a she not a bro lol
  6. Well I am glad to say that I am over all that model stealing stuff....if anyone wants to do that to my models it wont be correct but i wont stop releasing mods cause of this. so expect alot of my mods in this new upcoming pack being made by milli!
  7. No you can make the offline account your online one, you need to create a new one..after you buy your house and finished first race ect you follow this tutorial.... TDU Mods : Offline Online Profile Conversions [Tutorials] | turboduck forum I did it for my two accounts which are xtensoJDM and flakoJDM
  8. That problem is not the rim but the car model...the brakes are not deep enough that it wont interfere with the rim.
  9. The lights pop up for the nsx is actually for her pack so if you could help with that...it would be great...
  10. Glad you did come back to modding, welcome back :yayyay:
  11. Juicy is in the building lol I will convert and upload withing the next hour I got some others ready too like bbs rm, vorsteiners, rotiforms ect
  12. If it was because of money....we wouldnt be getting plenty of HIGH QUALITY mods and yeah I did thank sourkho because I was locked up for 3 and a half months and came back clearly not remembering where to even start and he showed me the basics I needed again because I did not want to bother [email protected] but I am sure he would of helped me plenty because the first videos before his tutorial were made for me back when I was in high school and I still stopped back then until last year when I saw online works again okay? and yeah I did said the best quality modders left because we were the ones left here
  13. Lol WELL I am fixing lazy things I leave for last on all of these....if you want a mod like the ones you used to lately getting released here I can upload it right this second lol
  14. Hello everyone.... I actually have made a couple of goodies for tdu but I honestly hesitate about posting here due to "model stealing" but oh well today when I get back I will post two new mods I have made which are: Honda civic ek9 2000 Nissan 370z Amuse Plus the supra mk4 is finally finished lol and I got a bunch of rims ready to release also I wont upload now because I got to go to court but if it all goes well and I come back home they will be released in 2-3 hours, cheers!
  15. My grandmother came from dominican republic and its been all cookouts and party but I will finish the supra soon I just dont got and wont have time for this weekend
  16. @Aloson thank you man, I am already working on it to maybe get the supra released tomorrow if all goes right! @Driver-tdu thanks man the original is from rfactor and I am in a group in rfactor on facebook so is a little easier to ask for parts and from gta v as well but this one was converted from rfactor to SLRR and I asked original author for permission to release on my mod ;) and by the way I aint reply about the tires because since I cant replace the tire model I lost interest quick lol
  17. I am going to release a wheel pack sooner than you think, just wait on it... ;) Now people I know I been off track a little...but I am finally getting things done and the first one on the list is the toyota supra top secret kit..a.k.a the drift machine! It is at this point 98.9% done with working doors. mirrors and exterior done! need to do some tweak to the gauges and it will be release so by friday it will be out...whats next after that...? A little rim pack "sooner than you think " :lol: and after rimpack I will get back on the beautiful bmw m4! I know I showed the s2000 and I got a
  18. Thanks man, I added a little camber and all to it so it can fit perfectly with any wheels! got lots of rims I need to release too
  19. Vtec keeps kicking in yo!! LOL so okay I promise after I finish this s2000 from nfs shift I will get back on track and finish the little mapping on supra and on to m4 BUT for now look at this beast man!!
  20. Hey man I am having the same problem...when I install this my game crashes then I uninstalled and my game was good again.... I installed secondary paint roof and carbon fiber for everything else..?
  21. Thank you guys! while I been mapping the interior of the supra which is almost done, been having fun with this Honda integra type R dc2 (Spoon) made to my taste by my bro sourkho! I looked for parts and permission on slrr by thyago my brother and he converted the car and interior in 2 days lol I made spoon rims myself.... here is a sneak peak for the honda lovers! after supra and m4 alot of this honda's will make they way over here since school is over now and all
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