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  1. Did anybody notice when switching profiles your game hangs at the spinning circle bottom right of the screen and doesn't load? I had to alt+f4 to close the game then restart it. The game started up ok, I did this in offline mod before going online. I have a friend who started his game online switched profiles, his game did the hang thing he alt+f4 to close and when he came back he got a "sticker shop file corrupt" message and the game deleted his sticks folder so he lost a bunch of his newly painted skins. EDIT Youtube
  2. Thanks!.. Yep I clicked ignore and got it to work. I noticed when purchasing the GT500 & Countach all body paint colors and interior colors are all gray. Other than that the cars handle very nice, luv the Countach. :)
  3. v.02 for unpacked I need to uninstall the previous patch in order to install the newest patch but, I'm not able to uninstall the old patch, I'm getting the following error message when I try to uninstall.
  4. I'd like to see the Koenigsegg CCXR body raised a little so it doesn't hit the road so easily causing it to slow way down sometimes to stop completely.
  5. Nice sound mod man, I like it. Only thing I noticed is in hood view the engine sound on the scuderia is a little to quiet imo, engine level needs to be bumped up some. Keep up the good work!
  6. I'd like to see a mod that adds more waypoints to the gps system. The challenge editor has 50 waypoints, imagine having 50 waypoints for cruising. :D Now that would be a great mod!
  7. Very nice, would be better as stand alone install.
  8. Very nice, would be better as stand alone install.
  9. Would be nice to have this, why did he stop his work? such a shame...
  10. Is it possible to see other peoples skid marks on the road?
  11. Was playing all day yesterday and last night all fine. Today I log in and my game keeps crashing with crash ID: 006C42F7 Anybody experiencing this problem today or have had it and know of a fix? Thanks
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