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  1. @SticcFig It's a late reply but I do not visit the forums very often. Sorry for that. First of all I don't believe your issue was caused by the patch. Based on your description it is more likely that you played TDU2 on modern PC, had frequent game crashes while browsing the island map and to fix that you started using a DX9 wrapper (dgVoodoo or DXVK). It is a known glitch.
  2. @GamerJean2031 TDUW installer should install DLC2 update if you clicked that you do not have it. If you didn't click - install DLC2 update by yourself. Unofficial Patch is a patch/mod for the latest official version of TDU2. If you play with older version, then no wonder you can't use bikes and exploration UI is bugged. Install DLC2.
  3. It seems that you have selected the correct directory and all required files are there. Maybe the installer is not detecting your directory as a valid because of your locale settings, I have never tested it on non european systems . What I can recommend is to open the installer with a 7-Zip File Manager and copy the files to the game directory by yourself. Hope it will help.
  4. No, it's not normal. Every standard car is obtainable. All the issues people having with the 'missing' cars is the effect of rearranged models in the car salons. It was made to free up the space for upcomming mods. Where are the cars then? On each island there are two car salons of the same brands. Two Audi, two Ferrari salons etc. Some cars, such as R8, are only present in one of the Audi salons. There should be an image, posted somewhere in this thread, showing all of the dealerships and its content.
  5. There are 2 Audi dealerships per island. Check the other one.
  6. You don't have to install TDU World. The whole UP mod is packed into 2 files - TDU2UPv041.big and TDU2UPv041.map. Those two files have to be present in the game directory. If these are not there - that's the case, the installer failed to install the patch there but I don't know why.
  7. You can keep your progress. No worries. To be safer you might want to backup your savegame folder from time to time.
  8. 'Previous method' is more complicated no longer needed and online won't work. Do not unpack. Install the DLC2 following the video and then install UP.
  9. I have entered the area. Game didn't crash. I would suggest to reinstall the game. Files might got corrupted.
  10. Okay. I know what was wrong. Thank you for the folder view - it helped a lot. Please download the file attached to this post and copy to TDU2 main folder (overwrite if asked to). That should fix the crash. Now the explanation. While preparing the second version of the 0.4.1 installer (with support for unpacked game) as a final step I wanted to optimize the install archive for maximum compression. While doing it I forgot to include GamePC.cpr file in the archive. 7z format allows for adding new files to an existing archive but apparently NSIS 7z plugin can't extract added files from the archive. Extracted GamePC.cpr was empty. Testers had access to the beta version of the installer that was not affected by the bug. Most of the players were installing TDUW on top of UP. TDUW overwrites UP broken GamePC.cpr with a new one - game works. Sorry for the inconvenience. It was my mistake. Soon I'm gonna update the installer. As a temporary fix use the attached file mentioned above. EDIT: Fixed installer has just been uploaded to the download page. GamePC.cpr
  11. I have the Polish/English version as well. Mod was tested by several people - different configs. Both PL and EU versions worked. Please try to re-install the game. I read on discord it was helpfull for a guy with the same issue. UP is basically 3 files - TDU2UPv041.big, TDU2UPv041.map and GamePC.cpr. ATM I still don't know why in most of the cases it works flawlessly but few people had to reinstall the game to be able to play with UP. Very strange. May I ask you to share a list or screenshot of all files in your TDU2 main directory? Maybe you are missing something.
  12. UP is based on TDU2 v034 DLC2. I highly recommend to download and install the updates. However, during my tests, I was able to pass the boot screen and launch the non updated game. It crashed when I tried to access DLC2 content (bike dealership) which is normal. Game was sold in several language versions, the russian one differs the most - maybe it has to be updated. Let us know how you solved it.
  13. World server is offline. Probably the app has crashed or hosting went down. Someone who has the keys needs to log in and restart. Patience.
  14. Three questions. Is your game up to date (DLC2v034)? Is your game unpacked? Does it launch if you uninstall the patch?
  15. Thank you for the feedback. As much as I would like to make all Ferrari geeks happy I couldn't make them tunable. To be able to play on official servers without being 'a cheater' in the eyes of other players this mod was created with the vanilla game balance in mind. Ability to tune Ferraris would be unfair to other non-UP online players. For example one of the best A2 cars, Ferrari 458 Italia, when tuned is outperforming all A2 and some A1 cars. The temptation to 'fix' all the performance inacurattness in the game has always been strong but for the mentioned reason UP never crossed that line. Since TDUW provides their own online service their future modpack could take much more liberal approach to the tuning and performance balance of all the cars in the game.
  16. I knew the new version might have been inconvinient for people with custom mods. That's way I've just updated the installer for version 0.4.1. It features Advanced Install mode just for unpacked game. You need re-download the Unofficial Patch installer from the files page and select "Advanced" during installation process. Please note that when you install additional mods you are on your own if something goes wrong. Make sure that TDU2UPv041.big and TDU2UPv041.map files are not present in unpacked game directory otherwise game won't start. Those are only for packed game.
  17. It is a long time since I wrote here my last post. Guys! I have updated the Unofficial Patch but do not expect anything spectacular - no new content, just the previously unreleased stuff from the days when I was working on now abandoned 0.5 version of the patch. Some of the files waited on my PC for YEARS! Hopefully new content will be soon released in the upcomming TDUW Modpack . If so, why releasing the update after so long time? Well, the main change is behind the curtain. UP is now packed in .big format, so you are no longer required to unpack the game. Packed format is mandatory to be able to play with Unofficial Patch installed on TDUW Online server. Furthermore packed mod means that there is less space for user errors. It is a win-win situation. Of course, if you are adventorous enough feel free to play unpacked. Please report if you found content that was in v0.4 but is missing in this one. This is the first release of such big packed mod. I couldn't find errors but I can't promise there aren't any.
  18. Version v0.4.1


    TDU2: Unofficial Patch v0.4.1 July 01, 2021 The main goal of this project was to track down and fix many little bugs that were missed by the developers. As the time went by we started adding our own custom content. The patch grew bigger and bigger to the point that UP started to look more like a modpack than a small patch. TDU2: UP fixes a lot of car's specific bugs - like Lotus Evora gear ratios, Audi Q7 collapsing into tarmac etc. To preserve vanilla driving feeling and performance my changes to the car's physics were done very conservatively. This mod provides easy access to vehicles (through dealerships) which were removed from the final game. The first release of the patch restored to the game all deleted cars (for example Nissan 370z Nismo and HotRod). Future releases provided cars made by our talented modders. All new vehicles have improved physics and balanced performance - player without UP would still have a chance of winning in multiplayer race using only official vehicles from the same segment - do not worry. I have spent hundreds of hours preparing this mod. If you want to express your gratitude for my hard work you are welcome to donate. Bitcoin (BTC): bc1q2ffyfms87r30kgnz65zvwctyaruhtq2ntczzzq Ethereum (ETH): 0x74186a90666e9564D9276a4DA4438B9274C24821 Thank you for your support and kind words. I really appreciate that. WARNING! If you don't want your cars turn into Miami's Mustangs DO NOT run TDU2 without Unofficial Patch. Never ever. If you have to run the game without TDU2UP at least backup your savegame! Please check out my new creation. TDU World Car Pack. It features almost all content from the Unofficial Patch adds a ton of new cars, has new physics and much more. You can download and install the Pack with TDU World Mod Manager available HERE. * uninstall Unofficial Patch prior to installing the new mod! Since the version 0.4.1 in order to install the Unofficial Patch you are no longer required to unpack the game. Just install the mod to your regular TDU2 directory and play - very easy! NEW CONTENT Audi R8 4.2 FSI quattro (by Eden Games) BAC Mono (by StarGT, sound by shadee43) Chevrolet Camaro SS 69' (by StarGT, sound by shadee43) Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (by StarGT) Chrysler 300C SRT8 (by StarGT) Chrysler 300C SRT8 Police (by StarGT) Dodge Ram SRT-10 (by Nightwolf & StarGT) Ferrari F12berlinetta (by Minime891, sound by Jorgemodek) Ferrari F430 (by Reventon09) Ford Mustang V6 Premium (by Eden Games) Hot Rod (by Eden Games) Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 (by StarGT) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R (by StarGT) Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 (by Minime891, sound by Jorgemodek) Lamborghini Countach 5000QV (by Xarlith) Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 (by Minime891, sound by Jorgemodek) Nissan 370z Nismo (by Eden Games) Nissan R34 GT-R (by Vitality997, sound by shadee43) Saleen S5S Raptor (by StarGT) Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Competition (by StarGT, sound by shadee43) Shelby GT500KR (by StarGT) Spyker C8 Aileron (by Eden Games) Spyker D12 Peking-To-Paris (by StarGT & Eden Games) TVR Cerbera Speed 12 (by StarGT, sound by shadee43) Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Mk4 (by Minime891, sound by Jorgemodek) PNJ Clothes Store - NPC clothes store on O'ahu Polish translation of DLC2 content CHANGES All vehicles can be repainted All vehicles can be stickered New vehicle plates (by fussel) Future-proof overhaul of all dealerships content (to make space for new cars) Reduced humongous 1,500$ carwash fee to reasonable 20$ Vehicles sell price reduced by 20% Million Dollar reward for winning a multiplayer race around O'ahu 750k $ reward for winning a multiplayer race around Ibiza 40k $ rewards for winning Cup challenges Loud intro movie was disabled FIXED BUGS KNOWN BUGS If you want to publish this modification to another site please contact me before!
  19. Version v1.3


    TDU2: Unpacker GUI Features: User friendly interface Unpacks the game into selected directory (can run unpacked and packed game at same time) Support for all TDU2 versions (EU/RU/PL/ES/GE/FR/IT/JA) Built-in Uninstaller Instructions: Download and run the Unpacker GUI Follow the installer instructions Unpacking process might take up to 30 minutes For Steam users: To run the unpacked game via Steam additional post-install steps are required: Locate Steam TDU2 installation folder Copy "steam_api.dll" to unpacked folder Move/Backup original Steam TDU2 installation folder elsewhere (optional) Delete all content of the Steam TDU2 installation folder and paste the unpacked game files in the same place Run via Steam Crators: Xarlith - GUI Interface and filelist updates qwerty - unpacker script, first filelist vagos21 - filelist updates Chipicao - filelist updates Kulczakk - filelist updates tomsolo - filelist updates binbow - filelist updates (Japanese) aluigi - QuickBMS author REMEMBER! Make regular backups of your savegames. If you want to publish this program to another site please contact me before!
  20. Lost support from all other modders but 0.5 is still coming guys but only one new car confirmed - McLaren F1. I do understand them, as they might get bored of waiting for me to start working again. Anyway, this is the list of things that are already done: * BAC Mono new sound * fix crash when other player is riding on an unfinished bike * fix Lamborghini Gallardo automatic gearbox * fix Lamborginin Gallardo Co-op * fix Lamborghini Aventador interior colors * fix Dodge Ram SRT-10 automatic gearbox on offroad (still not perfect because it's not 4x4 car) * fix TVR Cerbera ignition sound volume * fix TVR Cerbera automatic gearbox * fix Saleen S5S idle sound * fix Saleen S7 sound in car dealer/garage * enabled tuning for Ferrari F12 Compatibility of mitkop's db with mine depends fully on him. It is quite easy if you know what are you doing. I helped him in few things recentyly, so he will be able to do it ( I think). After 0.5 I quit TDU2 modding, at least for some time.
  21. You can't use Atari launcher nor steam to play unpacked game. Use Knyazev's Launcher instead. On tdu2.ml/up/tutorial is a pretty simple tutorial how to unpack and install the game. Do not mix two versions of different unpacker at one time. Use GUI and extract to different folder, or use bat and extract to existing directory. I would recommend GUI because it has most up to date filelist.
  22. I think it's the problem of unpacked game generally, not the patch. I never experienced game running slower. I have a theory that the stuttering is caused by the mix of 2 things - slow read speed of HDD and fragmented data. If stuttering occurs i would recommend to delete unpacked TDU2, defragment HDD, and unpack/install patch again.
  23. Man. Please. With all the respect to your work and time. If the drag is 0.18 theoretical speed is more than 510km/h. On every bump it would fly because of lack of downforce and grip. Show me the proof that I am wrong. Not just your imaginations. If someone likes unrealistic speeds for freeride - ok. I am just worried that many noobs would use this db for cheating. In your db Veyron vs FXX is competitive but what about majority of players without your mod? Do you thought about it? It is not competitive when someone drives original FXX and modded FXX...
  24. :rofl: Come back to earth. To be able to achieve this speed FXX's coefficient drag would have to be like 0.23 which is impossible with this body. Enzo's drag which should be similar to FXX without spoilers has 0.32. Little over 400 is a max. BTW, I've looked into this db mod. Beside FXX few other cars are also modified. For example final gear ratio of 430 Scuderia is shortened. Dunno why :think:.
  25. Most of the A1 cars hit the top speed limiter too fast and you made it even worse. Where is the improvement? All I see is that your mod is a great toy for unfair racers... I agree FXX was too slow but what you did now is ridiculous. You know anything about downforce? This car can't reach more than 400kphs. And what's wrong with F12 or Aventador? You can't make them more realistic in this game because I spent days to perfectly match them with the acceleration charts available on the net. For example: http://www.accelerationtimes.com/models/lamborghini_aventador_lp700-4 What you did is not an improvement. Sorry.
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