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  1. Nope that’s why i’m Asking you to help me with that, or if you could add it on an update that would be so cool!!!!! please
  2. Hello, I have a bug on the Ferrari Enzo original one, and someone told me that you have a lot of mods that are not anymore on internet.. can you give me the Ferrari Enzo by TDUZoqqer please?

    That’s the bug below


    1. MagicV8


      Sorry, but I don't give mods away, especially I am not allowed to give TDUZoqqer mods.

      Try playground.ru , perhaps you are lucky.

  3. Hi, really amazing project

    and thank you for that, but can you please

    really please

    add the Gemballa Mirage GT into Platinum?

    it’s my favourite car.. and also fix this annoying bug of the Enzo ferrari? Or update it with TDUZoqqer one?


  4. Yep, Mate can someone help me to add this mod as a tune kit for the Porsche Carrera GT? please
  5. Yes the one made By Rulezzzz can someone help me to do that? or just show me how to do it.. please really love this car
  6. hello, thanks for this amazing project, can someone tell me how can i tune the Porsche Carrera GT in tune shop to make it as a Gemballa Mirage GT?.. no tutorial about editing tuning shop or so.. please can someone help me?
  7. could you make an installer and change the replace car slot please?
  8. so are you back on tdu 1 modding? It'd be great.. do you accept requests? Koenigsegg Agera R, Gemballa Mirage GT,Murcièlago 2003 or Gallardo 2005 or Mclaren MP12c? these are cool cars.. you are a great modder.. that'swhy i'm suggesting to you
  9. I'd want to enjoy online experience Where could i do that ? Tell me, please
  10. Oh ok.. But an year ago, i've seen the model from forza from your facebook fan page.. That's why i was asking. Sorry Zoqqer But could we know ? Which car are you modeling right know ? "Just curious"
  11. [ATTACH]21774[/ATTACH] I Did.. i don't know what to do anymore.. i tried to install and uninstall the game with all the stuff like... 5 times! Please HELP ME
  12. Guys,since 2007 that i play tdu 1 without no problem until yesterday! Cuz hdd problems i needed to install the game all over again. And i did it, installed patch 1.66 mega pack (Required for some mods) and after 1.68b then.. tryied to install ferrari 458 italia by TDUZoqqer and some other. And Here we go! Completely stuck! Installer pop-ups! You can't install mods, because you don't have the mega pack installed. But wait a second. I'm not stupid i have the mega pack installed. tried other mods.. but nothing i find always that problem.. So pelase could someone help me with this PROBLEM ?
  13. It's from Years.. That i'm looking for your Gemballa Mirage GT *-* your best mod i think.. I want to have the possibility to drive this monsta
  14. Yep you can find the Aventador model from internet or from somebody like ( modders ) Please would be nice to have the Aventador in TDU 1! Make it if you can =D and i really luv ur FF but i think is too much brightly...i like black interior but anyway it still a great model Congratz ;)
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