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  1. Ah okay, yeah that was what i was doing back in december too. Meanwhile i know many spots and do not even have to search for the boxes.^^
  2. Yeah many players use planes and the chopper. Only disadvantage of the chopper is you can't put parts on it. So you find less boxes with it. I'm not a fan of planes as i'm too dumb to handle them so i stick to cars and worldspot-hopping is the best method for me. Here the latest summit. I could probably get 30-40k points more if i practise the Serial Jumper event more and use a "muddy"-hypercar on the offroad-event. But it's not needed.
  3. here are two new tutorialvideos i did today. The (arguably) "best and easiest" way to find Lootboxes https://youtu.be/Gohu11NSiIE Maximize your lootdrop from the boxes https://youtu.be/DHu9iLo7XwU
  4. Coastal Range to L. A. improved time & Escape-Skilltest with Dragster but without wallriding
  5. Miami Race Track (Summit "Untamed Italians") / Maserati MC12, 3:00.864 (no checkpoint-glitch-cut)
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