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  1. @ Leo_SK: I think you cannot play online because TDU2 servers are down for about week or two now.
  2. Tried & like it, good job Tinnio :-)
  3. Congrats, you've done a great job:D Great thing for all TDU enthusiasts Thanks :-)
  4. Donnie I was thinking about that while we cruised with bikes :D Indeed would be interesting to see if is possible.. Cruise a lot with lp570-4 and I am satisfied. Fixing co-driver, new wheels and other improvements will make a great carmod even better & enjoyable. :thumbsup: for UP team
  5. One of favorite car-toys from my childhood, still have it :-) Releasing or not its looks great my friend :-) Especially 2nd pic :thumbsup:
  6. Sounds very good for first try, keep it up..
  7. I like it, also great replacement choice. :) If there is no sound mod for any Ruf or Porsche mods i use original from the game rt12, rgt etc.
  8. This guy tototo is brilliant!!! Epic rims for everyone taste and very cool and exotic car mods!!
  9. I said that as a compliment for Xarlith skills:) --...-...-....Milli well said:cool: Yet they were more ridiculous before UP :D
  10. After a little driving around, trying and tasting content of UP04 my impressions... I really like some added car handling, noticeable difference from default cars Duo Minime & Jorge impressed me again!!so it is unnecessary to say anything further:rtr: I can not praise them more may return them:D StarGT Cerbera very challenging car for driving with murderous intent All in all, well done UP Team:thumbsup:
  11. Big thanks to all who participated and put a lot of effort, knowledge, time, will..etc!!!! And now let's just enjoy this great patch:D
  12. MadManCK nice gesture and a great drive:thumbsup:
  13. Jorge what to say except a big thank you buddy, I think one of the main reasons why I still play TDU/TDU2 are your sounds. Enjoying the sound of the car to me is one of the most important things, and your mods give me that pleasure! As I have said to Minime enjoy your life. You are very talented and also a nice guy, I wish you all the best my friend:) Of course I would not mind if both of you come back in the future:D Greetings, Saudações :) --- Post Updated --- TDUZoqqer If you ask me, the selfish answer is no:D I recently installed TDU1 because of your recent mods.. Just kidding decision is yours and I respect that, All you moders do is your free will...cheers.
  14. We will definitely enjoy it I've do not doubt that...Enjoy your life and huge thanks for all!;)
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