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  1. Try this .. Djey : TDU Modding Tools [1.16.2] + Extras - Page 114 | turboduck forum
  2. It would be good to rebuild the garage menu to the list of vehicles ..
  3. If someone has a problem with (unable to load the vehicle requested date): 1. Clean install Test Drive Unlimited 1a. Install MegaCarPack 2. Install the patch 1.67d [found acting versions - Click ;)] - That's not my upload ! 3.Install the patch 1.68b [without 1.67d did not want to install] 4.Magicmaps Click :) 5.TDU Modding Tools [1.16.2] Click !;) 6.Create new shortcut to TestDriveUnlimited.exe 7.[Paste this file into the folder xml <root of TDU>] Click ;) 8.Set path to Root TDU Folder - in TDUMT (File -> Settings -> Main -> TDU Root) 9. O.o. Wow! It works. :nuts:
  4. Old cars are the most beautiful: 1. Nissan Onevia 2. Nissan Sileighty [sil80] 3. Nissan Silvia S13 4. Nissan Silvia S14 5. Nissan Skyline r30 6. Nissan Skyline R32 7.Nissan Skyline R33 8. Infiniti G35 9. Mitshubishi Eclipse 10. Mitshubishi Galant 11. Nissan 300zx 12. Nissan 350z 13. Hyundai Tiburon 14. Toyota Celica 15. Toyota Corolla KE70 16. MB 280CE 17.MB 500 SEC 18. BMW e21 19. Honda CRX 20. Mustang MACH III 21. Mustang MACH I 22. Ford Torino 23. Ford Powerstroke Concept 24. Ford Focus FR200 Concept 25. Ford Mustang GT Concept
  5. Trueno in My garage. How to convert it to real life? :D
  6. Can You make two mods : Golf MK II with Corrado Lights and stock lights?
  7. BMW : e36, e34, e46 Nissan : 240sx (Onevia, Sil80), skyline r34, r32, SILVIA [ S13, S14, S15, 14.5] Lamborghini : Classic not modern .. Toyota : Supra, Celica, AE86 <Levin , Trueno> Mazda : RX7, RX8 Mitshubishi : Lancer (all), eclipse, galant OLD CLASSICS If this is a arcade game I whish good playable game.
  8. Can I change the name of the sound file to other cars?
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