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  1. I must swap M52 to my E34T and boost it! :twisted:
  2. Woah! :fld: Totally agree with [email protected] :D Not Supra fan, but for sure boosted 2JZ is a hell of a engine :twisted: +rep, bro You earned it! Magnificent work :tipshat:
  3. Holyyyyyy Sheeeep! :bdance3: Huge thanks, bro you done it perfectly! :bow: +rep
  4. What's up team? :) It's me again and this time I wanna request a one of few japanese cars (LHD would be nice, but I don't mind RHD) that I really like tho' :happyroll: I saw it in FH2 & FM3, yea it looks pretty :D Some pics: Cheers! :bhello:
  5. That's what I call a perfection, sir/madam:tipshat: [media=vimeo]118861068[/media]
  6. Yea, I think so - or maybe I have some bad infos :P http://www.myforza.net/f4/rimlist.php?page=2
  7. [email protected] - maybe some wide Work Emotion XD9's? With some gray or black finish? :) Prev:
  8. Because of those 996 GT2 seats, bro :) I love the paint work (AlpineWhite and BMW Motorsport colors) on E21 320iS S/W and those Hayashi Racing Techno Rs & some meaty tires, it fits to the era of car. :fld:
  9. good vibes :clap: [media=vimeo]103903800[/media]
  10. I love this song, reminds me days of THPS3 :D and that NogaroBlue S4 :drool:
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