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  1. super nice! I'm glad you put it back here :excited:
  2. @Damys, can you release a proper Ruf/porsche sound mod? :)
  3. thanks for putting it on a different site. that other site is crazy. crazy ads, very misleading haha
  4. thanks for the TE's definitely worth the wait! :excited: :pf: :fld: :hdance: :hdance:
  5. thank you very much for this! :fld: :fld: :fld: :chewy: awesome awesome mod!
  6. that nsx is gorgeous, and the TE37's are phenomenal!
  7. It would be awesome to see this two on tdu2. just look at these babies :hiya: :bgroove::chewy::fld::fld::fld:
  8. yup the sound mod, well if thts the case dang I've been looking forever, will check it out :lol:
  9. I'm on the same boat as you, been looking for his lambo aventador mod for ages now. I don't get why delete it completely. its a great mod.
  10. i like the camber on these one :chewy: :fld: :gdance:
  11. thanks for the re-up been looking for this forever,, Jorge , pls come back! maybe re-up the old ones, its old but GOOD! haha :hiya:
  12. I open my eyes, all i see is bad english from both of you :lol: , come on guys break the fight and keep the mods coming. :hiya:
  13. wow! thanks! anyways i have a question, can this also work with the 8c spyder instead?.. EDIT : yes indeed it also works with the 8c spider
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