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  1. I would have sex with that car...
  2. Now i was driving the F458 earlier and got to thinking that compared to the F430 Scuderia it just feels, well sluggish in higher speeds. SO, i decided to do some tests, but first. Just the basic car specs: F430 Scuderia (Spider): 4.3L V8 470 n.m. @5250 rpm 510 BHP @8500 rpm Wieght: 1440kg 2824 kg/bhp. Top Speed: 310kmh Claimed 0-100: 3.70 seconds 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox F458 Italia: 4.5L V8 540 n.m. @6000 rpm 562 BHP @9000 rpm Weight: 1380kg 2546 kg/bhp Top Speed: 325 Claimed 0-100: 3.40 seconds 7-Speed Sequential Gearbox Now to the tests, just going to do it the simple way with three tests. 0-100, 0-200, 0-300. F430: 0-100 in 4.3 seconds F458: 0-100 in 3.8 seconds F430: 0-200 in 12.4 seconds F458: 0-200 in 11.1 seconds F430: 0-300 in 29.7 seconds F458: 0-300 in 36.1 seconds To sum this up then, F458 takes 1.8 seconds TOTAL in 0-200, but the F430 shaves off a massive 6.4 seconds 200-300, looking at the specs of the cars there's to reason the F430 should be faster in any range, then again im not the worlds most edjucated petrol head. So, is this a failiure from Eden/Atari or does someone have a reasonable explanation? What car do you prefer of the two?
  3. I've tryed installing Huayara rims, and original rims. None of them work.
  4. It works with a pirated copy, my friend has done it.
  5. You need to unpack your game, google TDU 2 Unpacker.
  6. Definitely a really nice sound, tho im getting wierd static noises here and there when accelerating.
  7. Got the same problem, my rims have no tyres, the rev counter limits @ 4000 rpm (feels like im driving a diesel lol :D) and no working spoilers. Otherwise i really love the model and i would def use it if my rims had tyres :(
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