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  1. ehhhhhhhh it's really bad that there won't be rain, also graphic doesn't look great
  2. I need your help in editing GamePC.cpr I want to increase traffic AI cars How to edit this ones to get better traffic ?
  3. so there are 2 thing 1) in island aiconfig.cpr 2) GamePC.cpr in aiconfig i raised everything on 99 no big deal in game i think GamePC affects on traffic things like (VehicleMaxCount; TrafficMaxCount; ParkedMaxCount) and spawn settings I can't set normal SPAWN settings, i need help in that traffic really increased,but i think we can get more
  4. (Atari )Test Drive on Auction Atari Inc. seeks to generate $22M by auctioning assets in July Test Drive - Min. Bid will be $1.5M I hope good company will buy it and can't wait TDU3 :cry: What is newses who is buying TDU ?
  5. Minime891 Thaaanksss I've second wish to change time and weather (i'm Playing OFFLINE) is that possible ? i heard with Game.cpr editing it's possible to change weather, is that right ?
  6. Can u learn me how to remove that darkness from windshield ?
  7. How can i accelerate in game clock ???????????????????
  8. Please Tell me how to change weather ??? I miss rainy weather
  9. Hi I hope you'll get what i mean, dirty dark stripe really annoying me Can i download clear windshield from somewhere ? without that dark stripes it will be way better
  10. Please Give me link to download this car Send me in PM or post here PLEASEEEEEEEEE
  11. Please help me to configure settings Xbox360 controller on PC
  12. vega


    Is somehow possible to change weather in OFFLINE ??? i want Rain all the time :)))
  13. I hope TDU 3 will be open world again. i want to improve driving and other things in TDU but i don't want to change it. TDU is great thing if i had money i would buy this product :)))) let's hope ubi or some other great publishers will buy this product
  14. So as we see Eden needed 5 year period to make TDU. so until 2016 we're ground :(
  15. Hello I need your help to configure best settings. 1 years ago on TDU 2 forum i found very good settings for XBOX360 Controller but now forum is disabled :( Please help me to configure best settings, sometime sensitivity seems very high, sometime when i drive fast (100km\h) i can't turn in a corner without damage, and need to decrease speed on 50-60
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