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  1. NO! Its not a Lotus, it looks like one at the front but that is all...
  2. Here are some rims converted from Forza 4.. Full car mod ( Lotus Exige 240 ) coming soon! I wanna thank Reventon09 for helping me with all this! Download : http://www.mediafire.com/?rg5otcw8g53hg5c :lol: [ATTACH]18093[/ATTACH]
  3. Also, the wheels are small for the car :(. When I put the Hamann rims on it, it looks kinda crap :/ But, for the rest, great mod!
  4. I just wanna kis you :P great car man! +rep
  5. Its an active group, well... Som of us ^^ but we want more people in it :D Thanks in advance - Main Admin TDU Fans
  6. You need to unpack your game ;)
  7. Just unpacked my game again for this mod :P
  8. JelleVD

    New Update ?

    Buying an XBOX 360 asap... Forza Horizon here I com bye bye TDU2
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