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  1. kmix-rider

    tdu Gobblestone block

    hey I made a mod for gobblestone redstone mod generation in tdu tess vintory villager world ! release soon
  2. kmix-rider

    Dear Modders and Gamers

    lol i am just saying that it is just sad that more competent people than me are not exploring more the files of tdu 2 . calm down you lalalalalala. and yes 2 weeks I have done more than 10 years in file exploring tdu but sadly too much unknow values only more cpmpetent people than me can find what these values are " Bethankful and understand their side, since you've tried to be in their shoes for only 2 weeks and already gave up.  " lol I made more mod of different game than you think and you make tdu 1 lalalalalala autopack ahahaha
  3. kmix-rider

    Dear Modders and Gamers

    I cant. I tried all my best for 2 weeks. files are binary garbage with values at any place we dont know what they mean. but I really want other people try to do it , maybe it was not a success for me but Im sure some other will success.
  4. kmix-rider

    Dear Modders and Gamers

    tdu 2 mods are not progressing because modders and coders dont want to explore files ! the files are not encrypted only structured data there is so much to discover but modders only want to edit "vehicules" thats great but I find this a bit limited.
  5. kmix-rider

    What color schema do you prefer?

    dark is gr8 because I work late and white is eye agressive
  6. Salut !

    1. kmix-rider


      Voici un exemple de fichiers ULTRA interressant à découvrir puisqu'ils contiennent les infos des entités présents dans les cardeal, les intros, etc...

      ça pourrait donner de bons mods non ?









  7. kmix-rider

    Djey: TDUF Toolset [1.12]

    djey je t'en supplie , essaye de decouvrir la structure ou au moins une partie des fichiers entities.xml hashcodes.xml dans avatar, scénarics, les cardeals, ou encore worldactors ces fichiers contiennent tellement d'info intéressantes (par exemple pour tdu 2 la pos des avatar sur le toi au début, la pos des voitures cardeal, la vitesse du Player en walkmode, etc etc ...) djey I beg you, try to discover the structure or at least part of the files entities.xml hashcodes.xml in avatar, scenarics, cardeals, or worldactors these files contain so much interesting info (for example for tdu 2 the pos of the avatar on the roof at the beginning, the pos of the cars cardeal, the speed of the Player in walkmode, etc etc ...)
  8. kmix-rider

    wtf site

    no but not all the page was white, now major portion is white and that is disturbing
  9. kmix-rider

    wtf site

    please back old tdu mod everything is white my eyes aaaaaaaaah cant read text cand find topics
  10. kmix-rider

    TDU2VPE Release

    any news ? found new database values ? like house prices or other things ?
  11. kmix-rider

    Merry Xmas!

  12. kmix-rider

    Djey: TDUF Toolset [1.12]

    Cest tellement dommage d'avoir abandonné le modding tools pour le 2.