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  1. By far the best mod!! Thanks Reventon09 you did a great job!!
  2. Wow!!! Can't wait for this! keep up the good work.
  3. That Porsche looks BADASS!!!! What tools do you use to mod the cars with and where can i get them??
  4. These roads look a heck of alot better!!! Well done!!!:thumbsup:
  5. wow tototo your mods look amazing! I have a request, could you make the viper acr without the rear spoiler? or make the SRT10 coupe with the existing front splitters off the acr? and lower it? That would be awesome!
  6. I'll lower the idle sound tonight and post a new link for the sound mod. Glad to hear that someone likes it :)
  7. Hey, a noobie here, How do you guys make a youtube video showing your sound mod? I get how to upload a video and post the link, but what programs do you use and how do you record in the game so it looks good? any help is appreciated
  8. Hey, I have made some sound mods for the shelby gt500 and the ford GT with the supercharger subwave file. I lowered the supercharger file so its no quite so loud... and added in some better v8 sounds so you can hear the scream of the V8. Shelby GT500: mustang_shelby_gt500_high.bnk FORD GT: gt_high.bnk MUSTANG GT: mustang_gt_high.bnk CONSIDER THIS A 3 PACK.
  9. Hey new member here! I love the test drive game and it makes it so much better with sound mods and car mods i"m finding. I have started to mod some car sounds myself and want to share some of them with you guys. I would like to have some youtube links for the sounds but am still figuring that part out. So for now download the sound mod and enjoy!!!! this one is a aggressive one! link: paste into webbrowser corvette_zr1_high.bnk r
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