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  1. Thanks, i tried that one, but it's just a modification of Physics.cpr, so it does not solve the real problem. we need a performance editor like in tdu1, but it seems to be very tricky to make one
  2. Thanks mitkop that is useful, i could edit in Physics.cpr some things but nothing was too relevant. Maybe there is people in this forum that know how to edit the file, for example this guys were making a TDU2 Hardcore mod, editing the physics of each car: WIP TDU2 Hardcore | turboduck forum But i don't have a clue of how they were doing so...
  3. I mean to modify the physics behind tire grip
  4. Anyone knows which is the file responsible for tire grip settings? i thought maybe in tires.bnk, but someone knows how to extract bnk?
  5. Hi i want to know if there's a way to make AI bots to behave like in TDU1. In TDU1 you can race with them without entering the instant challenge mode, but in TDU2 they go very slow and have annoying behavior. Thanks
  6. is there a way to make them like in tdu1?? in tdu1 you can race with them without flashing the instant challenge, but in tdu2 they go so slow, they are useless and annoying.
  7. anything new on this?
  8. just did it, with tdu2dec.zip you can do it
  9. the physics file should be Physics.cpr in main directory, but don't have a clue how to modify it, anyone knows how??
  10. Nice work, very similar. Was recorded from cockpit or external camera?
  11. something like Tdupe for TDU2 would be amazing. No interest in online races, just for doing the career with realistic handling. Any news on that??
  12. Same question, is there a way to mod handling in TDU2?
  13. I couldn't find this mod there, but thanks anyway!.
  14. Can you make a similar sound but without the interior differential sound? I was thinking on leaving something like this to V6 less power cars like A3 or Brera, but the differential is the only problem with it...
  15. Hi i want to know if somebody has this SLR sound, i would like to have it. Thanks.
  16. nope, couldn't get it to work, tried everything, re-installation, road texture installation before and after bonus pack, before and after different patches, and nothing. Another road texture mod worked though, but i don't know what else to do, i wanted this mod...
  17. Hi, i would like to know if there's a way of making AI drive faster. I am doing the career and it's a bit boring because i can beat the AI too easily. Thanks
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