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  1. hi, i'm a newbie here so i got a problem. i installed TDU successfully, then the Megapack/Bonus Pack. so i started playing it and after some time of playing the game i noticed some cars such as "Nissan Skyline R34" in the Nissan Shop, "Audi RS4" in the Audi Shop, "Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster" in the Lamborghini Shop etc. Since i never completed the game before, i thought that maybe i will unlock them later in the game, maybe after reaching "champion" level, or maybe after discovering all the car shops. Now that i've done that, and have 50% progress made, the cars still aren't availible. so i read some threads here on the forum, and realised that i have the Megapack installed, but i can't access the cars. is this maybe due to because i play TDU without internet ? i tried playing it with internet on 50% but it doesn't change anything, and it still says that "TDU servers are unavailible". if some can help me with this, i'll be really greatfull. sorry for the long post, and like i said i'm a newbie here. thanks in advance
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