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  1. I spent some time and i think it may be possible: 1. create desktop shortcut to this directory: C:\Users\YOU\Documents\Test Drive Unlimited\savegame\YOURNICKNAME\playersave 2. copy commondt.sav to commondt - setup1.sav 3. launch game and modify your controller settings like accelerating, braking, steering keys/triggers. Save and quit game. 4. copy commondt.sav to commondt - setup2.sav 5. now you can backup these two files and when you want to use for example setup2, delete commondt.sav and copy "commondt.sav - setup2.sav" to "commondt.sav" and launch the game I expect you can differentiate two profiles by just renaming whole savegame folder.
  2. Hi, please which file store my settings regarding keys and actions it triggers (like up arrow to accelerate, down arrow to brake)? I found that i quite like my keyboard setup and i also want to use gamepad and quickly switch between these 2 setups - possibly by just replacing/renaming some file in TDU folders? Thank you
  3. If game not run in default state (without any patchs, without ProjectParadise/PP and without platinum pack and without any profile - i mean you create new profile in game) - i would achieve mentioned default state by uninstalling and then deleting C:\Users\YOU\Documents\Test Drive Unlimited , C:\Users\All Users\Test Drive Unlimited and C:\Program FIles x86\Atari, i am not sure if can be problem the DirectX version and graphics card and its supported DX version? I was thkinking that maybe game require DX version 9? You can do windows shortcut Win.+R and execute dxdiag command to see your version.
  4. I disliked erroneous Enzo FXX sound so i spent numerous hours learning and trying to make my sound mod. I based it on the sounds from this video The resulting sound is not stereo (i think the TDU1 needs mono). Also somehow the Audacity software which i used was unable to amplify the volume of the imported .mp3 more without loss of quality, thus the resulting quality is a rubbish. Note also erroneous looping in high speed and RPM due to my soundtrack start and end is different (i may hopefully attempt to fix it and beside that also replace "default" sounds when gas pedal is not pushed). In this mod i only worked with 3 sound tracks for RPM where gas pedal is pushed, rest 3 when pedal is not pushed i left default for now. For each track i changed pitch (option in the Audacity - so the sound is different in various RPM. One can change pitch and the speed. When changing speed, then one needs very long steady sound which may be problem to find on the internet. One may edit the sound manually, but it is too difficult and time consuming to return something good. Better to use long sound track and find part with steady RPM from beginning to the end. Tutorial on how to mod the TDU1 car sounds. Video featuring original TDU1 FXX sound HERE Video featuring my modified TDU1 FXX sound HERE PS: if you dislike my work, i invite you to make a better sound mod for this car as this car really deserve it guys HERE actual .bnk file (last updated 5/16/2020) needed to apply my sound mod. (need to be added to C:\Program Files (x86)\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\Sound\Vehicules backing up original)
  5. Tutorial #2 Here is my tutorial inspired by Nick1999 , but using different (free) audio editting software How to modify TDU1 car engine sound? I have found youtube video with clean engine sound of the car of my choice and used this sound for a TestDrive Unlimited 1 car. Result is not terrible and not too good. But here is how i did that: 1. Download TDUMT (TDU Modding tools 2) software Mini Bnk manager - https://github.com/djey47/tdumt2/releases 2. Open it and select appropriate .bnk file. For example C:\Program Files (x86)\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\Sound\Vehicules\Enzo_FXX_audio.bnk 3. Click Load button, then click Unpack all button. Open appropriate .wav audio file located in the output directory you have defined. Open it in the Audacity software - https://www.audacityteam.org/ On the bottom, click "Start and end of selection" and instead define to show Length and end of the tracks, it is important later to see the length. 4. you can find on the internet appropriate videos/sounds: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=ferrari+fxx+sound+onboard&atb=v126-1&iar=videos&iax=videos&ia=videos You are looking for the rather rare, several seconds long sound which RPM is steady - same on the beginning and on the end. 5. Find online tool to convert your video into a sound. For example i searched: youtube to wav audio" and i found https://ytmp3.cc/en13/ 6. add your sound file in Audacity and make sure it is mono, not stereo (track dropdown/arrow menu or the Tracks/Mix menu has the option). Stereo had issue playing right in TDU1. Find the part of the track with steady engine sound and highlight this part and copy this part into new track for future use. 7. double click original TDU engine sound track in Audacity to see its length and note the length. 8. copy the best (most steady sound) part that match the original sound track length into yet another new track leaving longer version for possible future use 9. click File, Export, Export as WAV and Save as type: Other uncompressed files, WAV, Microsoft ADPCM. Before confirming, you may backup original .wav sound before overwriting. 10. Now do the same for other sound file (possibly there are multiple files for each engine RPM and also files when the gas pedal is pushed and when it is released! so total maybe more than 6 files to make!) For each RPM audio file you may want to modify pitch (the Effects menu) or the Speed to make the sound different. 11. re-pack the sounds into a .bnk file using "Repack" button in the TDUMT software. The directory to select is in my case "C:\work\Enzo_FXX_audio.bnk" directory. It saved Enzo_FXX_audio.bnk file which i then copy to C:\Program Files (x86)\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\Sound\Vehicules\Enzo_FXX_audio.bnk (backing up original before overwritting!!!!!!!) 9. Launch TDU1 to see the result. 10. Save the Audacity session for future use and further work. ISSUES: - car makes no sound. I do not know the cause, but it helped to quit Audacity and TDUMT and start it again, load the original bnk file in TDUMT, unpacking and copying already customized audio files from previous unpack to new unpack and then repacking. - the high RPM sound is not fluent in looping. Answer: maybe your sound track is too short and not same length as original, try to increase length a bit, but possibly not more than 1second above original track length? You can try playing your sound in loop (doubleclick track or click "Solo" button and then Shift+space or shift + play button) to see if the error is in different/non matching beginning and the end of your sound track - https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/tutorial_looping.html . Then you can maximal zoom-in and find some anomalies in the sound/adjust it by a "pencil tool".
  6. Not sure what you are referring to, so i searched and found the post where you say "i get a black screen and it crashes i have tried pretty much everything in the paradise launcher or whatever its called sometimes i managed to get up to the connecting to tdu servers and then again crashing". So i am wondering what is this file enbseries.ini about that it solved your issue.
  7. I think it is even explained in the first post of this topic or in the readme of the Project Paradise package.
  8. i am using Platinum, and its 1.12 patch, so there is a chance that the Platinum pack do not have to be the problem cause
    I think it is required to turn the profile from offline to online and that requires downloading an HEX editor software and follow some not so simple steps. Good guide to get the idea how that works is here:
  9. hi, i just tried, with same car & tunning like you and i was able to complete it without problem. Note that i already completed it in the past. my TDU is setup like this.
  10. If the crash brings some message, then try to search it on search engine. If not, try to follow this tutorial exactly as described.
  11. In my launcher i have only ticked/enabled Big .bnk, Display FPS, Vsync, Solo Races H-mode. I think problem would be rather in your OS/patchs. In my previous post in this thread i linked to a tutorial. anyone knows the link to a simple tutorial on how to modify the existing car model to fix various bad behavior? If there is good tutorial and accessible to many people + linking to Milli who add models into game, then why there would not be people to make mods?
  12. Hi, please check this tutorial on how i exactly setup TDU1 maybe either your internet is not enough stable or you can try to stop all other internet using apps on your LAN. Also you should forward 8889 port on your router to point to your TDU1 computer LAN IP. You would have to search the internet your router model or if you're experienced, then find it in the router web interface: maybe. PS: it is normal that some players connection is not ideal, and the distance meter is not fluent or sometimes freeze a bit.
  13. I am having problem with gear shifting when Vsync tickbox is not ticked in Project Paradise launcher. I mean radomly the gear not change and i have to hit the key for shifting up/down the gear one more time on my keyboard - i am having manual gearbox enabled in Options/Controls. It happen quite often, like maybe every 8th gear change and not only in one car. Happen both in HC and normal mode. When i launch TDU1 with Vsync enabled/ticked in PP (Project paradise launcher), then the gear shifting works fine. Note that i am using Platinum patch 1.12 What about you? What patch you are using and does it happen for you with/without Vsync? Vsync appears to significantly decrease my game FPS so i was wanting to keep it off but apparently i can not due to gear shifting issue. @Speeder @Milli
  14. @Outcast For Life i think that the first post of this topic or the readme of the project paradise launcher has instruction how to go about gamespy. Make sure to keep backup of your profile (on Windows it is in Documents (all users or current user, i am not sure) from time to time (in case you are actively purchasing houses and cars or such).
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