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    So nice, nothing much to improve. It is a matter of personal preference, in my case i would like less slow (G,F class) cars and more cars that goes beyond 400km/h mark when tuned, ideally cars for cornering (GTR). Thank you
  1. can this be related to d3d file that is part of project paradise or platinum package? Related to directx (improper version?) or graphic driver not installed/PC rebooted? Check also game with user profile removed and check this tutorial.
  2. You do not need to wait, the update was a small patch file, so i guess when/if new version will be out, you will not need to download all that gigabytes again.
  3. It looked like that, but i may be wrong. When i have NOT ticked the GameSpy, it caused that the game menu contained new entry for starting new game (Assuming no progress from beginning) and the menu entry to continue game was no longer available. So good to tick the GameSpy checkbox if prompted inside the game and backup mentioned directory before you start using game. Actually good to link it to Desktop and backup it from time to time. Maybe good to backup whole savegame which contains also profilelist file.
  4. Thank you for setting up the server again. Hopefully there will be backups and it will not come down for good in the future. Guys and gals, before you run the game again, note that i had an issue where my profile was invalidated and i had to restore backup, so prevent trouble: IN PP launcher i disabled Offline, and then it shown issue with my online profile. I have not ticked GameSpy and that was problem, it invalidated my profile (was unable to get into profile configuration screen again) and i had to restore it from backup (C:\Users\User\Documents\Test Drive Unlimited\savegame\MyUs
  5. You may find some details here: https://turboduck.net/guide/test-drive-unlimited-1-modding-guide-r5/
  6. This will likely not help you, but i do not know what you mean nothing works. Maybe try not to apply any additional things like yours mentioned patch "multiple prize cars". Maybe try renaming TDU folder from the Documents folder, i mean one that contains PLAYERSAVE and let create new profile in game. Or uninstall TDU, go to Win+R, type and execute "%appdata%" and find TDU/Atari folder and rename/delete it. Then do the same for the Atari/TDU folders that are inside Program Files folders - to make sure there are no remains. And install just basic necessary things per this tutorial. Report the re
  7. Hi, i have possibly found wrong data for Ferrari TDF (full tuned). I was comparing it to a F12 Libertywalk and this is what i see on the Data tab in Garage: F12 947bhp, 890n.m., 1520kg -> 1.605kg/DIN hp (1.60506863780359) TDF 1001bhp, 705 n.m., 1337kg -> 1.974kg/DIN hp (1.335664335664336) the decimal dumber in the brackets is the result of dividing weight by bhp, and the TDF value is currently 1.974 not 1.335 as it possibly should be?). It is not a problem, possibly it does not influence car performance, and is just a number on Data tab. I just wanted to share this findi
  8. I guess it is too difficult to use the savegame mentioned above as online profile under custom nickname. I would appreciate to read some review and steps done to make that savegame working.
  9. connecting to testdrive server - unable to connect: try to delete TDU from Windows firewall and any other firewall. If that does not help, try to add it (paradise launcher, not original .exe) again among allowed firewall apps, try temporarily disabling firewall. Think someone also recommend using VPN (use one which allows opening port - 8889). Inform what helped/if helped.
  10. Hi @Djey @Milli @all , the right order of installation is like this? TDU1 1.66A patch no-dvd patch (replaces original .exe) Project paradise Platinum pack (official car megapack is absolete in this case and should not be installed?) Platinum pack patch 1.1 Platinum pack patch 1.2... ?
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