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  1. just today i have found that the popular VPN service can be used for free: https://protonvpn.com is it meant connecting to server? If no, then after connected and clicking to Continue i see no loading message, it goes straight to showing my house. Maybe problem is in the mods? Maybe stock game with 1.66A patch + Project paradise + ticked/unticked big bnk option in PP launcher would work. (after backing up profile and uninstalling game + all remains in Program Files).
  2. @Donado i do not know the answer, but the steps to discover the cause can be to install clean game, check if it works, then install TDUPP (project paradise), check if it works, install platinum, check, first patch, check, install next patch... https://internetlifeforum.com/computers-technology/5175-how-run-tdu1-windows-10-a/
  3. @nega i have downloaded the 1.12 patch previously and it worked. Maybe you can download software that will calculate file checksum: https://github.com/gurnec/HashCheck/releases/latest . Here is the one of my patch 1.12 zip file: if yours is different, then Milli updated the zip file or your download is incomplete. Then try to re-download the patch.
  4. Here is the island map with stations. More images here. You can also open file C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Test Drive Unlimited\savegame\YOURUSERNAME\bookmark\bookmark.txt and paste following block to the new line, before the last line containing single quote ('). Then you should be able to use bookmarks tab ingame and teleport to the stations. "Wahiawa" 0 25012.59 264.77 26393.41 -0.915 -0.001 0.403 427897213 "Sand Island" 1 41935.16 1.89 47188.08 -0.858 0.003 -0.513 431313016 "Pearl Harbor" 2 34724.78 1.77 41195.74 -0.687 0.002 0.726 427918516 "Kapalama" 3 43968.45 43.50 44829.95
    I like it here is my wishlist @BEight 1) Please remove trees that force blind drive into the last corner. 2) Please if possible, make the road color and texture to match one on the official race track. So it is darker, more real and better for eyes. 3) Please connect racetrack with island exit road on both sides, currently only on one side. 4. Parking place has view on the house - not an ideal view
  5. Good island @BEight. My wishlist is: - remove the tree that is on the second corner from the end of the racetrack. It prevents clearly seeing on the road in high speed and no one is slowing down while it is very fast corner - make the racetrack road texture more dark - like on default roads/on original racetrack, it save eyes and look more real - it may be handy if there is road from racetrack to a bridge on both sides. Currently it is only on one side.
  6. I would follow this tutorial and first try if game works stock (in default state without patchs and profiles), then check if works with patch, then next stage - if works with your custom player profile (maybe it works with new profile and not with your customized) - that way you discover wherere the problem can be and avoid it. Maybe problem is some car. Make sure Big bnk is ticked in project paradise launcher.
  7. Can the cause be also the firewall? Try disabling your firewall apps temporarily. If it help, then remove TDU executable from your firewalls and wait if it detect it again automaticaly or add it yourself (i guess project paradise launcher needs to be added).
  8. I spent some time and i think it may be possible: 1. create desktop shortcut to this directory: C:\Users\YOU\Documents\Test Drive Unlimited\savegame\YOURNICKNAME\playersave 2. copy commondt.sav to commondt - setup1.sav 3. launch game and modify your controller settings like accelerating, braking, steering keys/triggers. Save and quit game. 4. copy commondt.sav to commondt - setup2.sav 5. now you can backup these two files and when you want to use for example setup2, delete commondt.sav and copy "commondt.sav - setup2.sav" to "commondt.sav" and launch the game
  9. Hi, please which file store my settings regarding keys and actions it triggers (like up arrow to accelerate, down arrow to brake)? I found that i quite like my keyboard setup and i also want to use gamepad and quickly switch between these 2 setups - possibly by just replacing/renaming some file in TDU folders? Thank you
  10. If game not run in default state (without any patchs, without ProjectParadise/PP and without platinum pack and without any profile - i mean you create new profile in game) - i would achieve mentioned default state by uninstalling and then deleting C:\Users\YOU\Documents\Test Drive Unlimited , C:\Users\All Users\Test Drive Unlimited and C:\Program FIles x86\Atari, i am not sure if can be problem the DirectX version and graphics card and its supported DX version? I was thkinking that maybe game require DX version 9? You can do windows shortcut Win.+R and execute dxdiag command to see your versio
  11. I disliked erroneous Enzo FXX sound so i spent numerous hours learning and trying to make my sound mod. I based it on the sounds from this video The resulting sound is not stereo (i think the TDU1 needs mono). Also somehow the Audacity software which i used was unable to amplify the volume of the imported .mp3 more without loss of quality, thus the resulting quality is a rubbish. Note also erroneous looping in high speed and RPM due to my soundtrack start and end is different (i may hopefully attempt to fix it and beside that also replace "default" sounds when gas
  12. Tutorial #2 Here is my tutorial inspired by Nick1999 , but using different (free) audio editting software How to modify TDU1 car engine sound? I have found youtube video with clean engine sound of the car of my choice and used this sound for a TestDrive Unlimited 1 car. Result is not terrible and not too good. But here is how i did that: 1. Download TDUMT (TDU Modding tools 2) software Mini Bnk manager - https://github.com/djey47/tdumt2/releases 2. Open it and select appropriate .bnk file. For example C:\Program Files (x86)\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\Sound\Vehicule
  13. Not sure what you are referring to, so i searched and found the post where you say "i get a black screen and it crashes i have tried pretty much everything in the paradise launcher or whatever its called sometimes i managed to get up to the connecting to tdu servers and then again crashing". So i am wondering what is this file enbseries.ini about that it solved your issue.
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