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  1. Thank you for the help. Consider updating dead links or posting explanation on the download page i linked. So people do not come to a dead end like me. Bnk1.map
  2. well, after submission it failed. maybe admin group can. @Djey please reply my message
  3. @Djey Hello, i seen some turboduck thread links to a Magic map patch as a requirement, i ended up on http://tdumodshop.forumactif.org/t296-download-page where download links are dead. Where is the Magic map download please? I do not see it on https://turboduck.net/forums/forum/77-environment-mods/ This forum does not allow sending you a private message.
  4. Maybe my public IP is shared not dedicated to my internet, so i can not open port for that IP, i tested if port is open using http://canyouseeme.org and i found no open port . When TDU1 online play was workling for me, i think i had different router and public IP, though same internet provider. I would bet that the TDU1 server does not require me to have open port. The server should just require some port is not blocked and i think i do not have it blocked. So i do not know what else to do to connect. i am sure (On Linux, command to discover it is "ifconfig"), I tried to add public IP instead, but router software says IP is not valid, so i assume it supports only LAN IPs. I went ahead and connected the WAN cable from router directly to my PC and it also not helped, so the router is not the issue and i believe OS firewall neither (i stopped it: sudo ufw disable ; and "iptables -L" shows default policy is accept, not deny). I also tried to connect server via different IP (thanks to a VPN server), no luck either.
  5. @Magicv8 i tried to disable firewall, also checked the default firewall policy is accept not deny. So here i think OS firewall is not the problem. Regarding modem(router), i do not think it would block it, but i tried to add some rules: https://snag.gy/pa0Wy7.jpg (hopefully these are correct as i followed 2 tutorials on how to open port for my router) IP is my computer LAN IP. upnp is enabled on router... i am on Linux atm and it continue to show message mentioned in my previous comment.
  6. i continue having problems to connect the online server since maybe November 6, 2017 i tried Windows 10 PC, i tried other PC with clean WIndows 10, disabled firewall i now tried Linux PC via wine. But i always see: Maybe i am doing something wrong. I tried to delete my profile folder in savegame, but even new profile has this error. Can this be caused by wrong GameSpy credentials?
  7. If you see the error regarding that dll google that and maybe try to uninstall your graphic card drivers from within device manager and then uninstall direct x (i think there is some official uninstaller if i am not wrong) then install "Snappy driver installer origin" application and reboot computer, root that snappy installer and update all drivers including graphics, reboot again. Maybe this is issue of direct x? Also another thing is to backup game, uninstall, install again using instructions on the firs tpage of this forum thread, plain without any hacks or upgrades. You can also check this Windows 10 TDU1 tutorial and consider installing Windows 7.
  8. There appears to be function to isolate your group from rammers: Use auxiliary menu while in the car (the one where is chronopack, driving aid and Free-Ride Players). "Go to Free-Ride Players and invite everyone you want into the group. When they're all linked to the group, select ISOLATE." TDU server admin (unsure who it is) may not want to spend time judging which abuse report is valid, which not. He is not paid for that, and admin is possibly not active in the project, just keep it alive, that is what i think. I think it helps not to show being offended and do not be unpolite to poor rammers, they will only spend more time wasting your drive.
  9. I loved the TDU1 races too very much, though thanks to online play we can race too, only people have to deal on race start and finish location. Unfortunately i can not connect server in TDU1 and TDU2 even it worked before for me. Maybe server admins banned my IP, i even reinstalled OS and tried various IPs. If anyone is expert in this or own the TDU1 PP server, please kindly PM me. I would be very grateful
  10. I think you should not enter e-mail and password. only username (it has to be correct, matching folder name in savegame folder) and tick the GameSpy tickbox, that should be all.
  11. Hello, anyone played TDU1 via Project Paradise Launcher on Linux? I see TDU1 may be played via Wine, but not tried it, nor PP launcher. Update: i tried it, here is tutorial. I had to create .iso image out of the game DVD and then use Furius ISO mount app to mount it. Install latest wine-stagging and directx (sudo apt-get install winehq-staging, winetricks playonlinux libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 libgl1-mesa-dri:i386 libtxc-dxtn-s2tc:i386;winetricks directx9) Install worked, game too. Savegame is in /home/mylinuxusername/Documents/Test Drive Unlimited/
  12. @roodsta i would close all other apps, check projectparadise checkboxes once launched the app if are set to default, or backup the TDU data and reinstall it. Replace car data files by original ones maybe. Google can find [URL="http://forum.turboduck.net/threads/29275-how-to-re-install-tdu1-fresh-on-a-pc"]tutorials[/URL] on how to do that. Maybe someone know better how to fix that.
  13. Is there enough room for new cars? i would rather see sport/race cars (Le mans kind of cars), slow cars too boring on long roads. But it is good as it is, except possible bugs i mentioned a few posts earlier.
  14. Hello, both download links do not work, can you re-upload?
  15. Thanks Milli for this pack, it worked good and makes me wanna play more often. This is a nice pack, was playing today with it, alot of nice cars. Worked out of the box for me (just had to tick Big bnk in TDU paradise launcher). I think i had 1.66A patch (is it problem?), game during start says "* Patched to 1.68b *". - Couple of cars (RUF CTR2, BMW 850CSI, Mercedes CLK GTR) have issue with co-driver girls (car dealer staff) which appears in wrong position during test drive (example a head on the hood/engine bonnet which is quite awful) - When i rev the Lamborghini Veneno in the car showroom or test drive Renault Clio Sport 6V game started frozing, it may be my CPU was overloaded, but it not stopped, had to kill TDU - happened repeatedly in case of Veneno. - the color saturation/fill seems to be changed, anyone knows which files i need to replace so i have my previous colors and grass environment or which Mod to install? Appart from different colors, when i drive, grass in front is shrinking instead of getting bigger which is not pleasant (i am not alone having this issue: [RELEASED] Test Drive Unlimited Ultra Community Pack v1.04 - Page 17 | turboduck Forum), i think i may used DJey Magic map mod before i applied this community patch... any fix? - i do not have issue with Alt+Tab, no black screen, all works
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