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  1. Another one is here in TDUF thread , it explain various parameters of car performance. But before that, you may need to know how to work in TDUF.
  2. Yes. It would be nice if more players are aware and open appropriate port on their end. "1. you need to wait maybe even couple of minutes. 2) You may also not connect some players if you have not forwarded port 8889 on your router, or not enabled DMZ on router for your LAN PC. You need to search in your router device settings or your router name and port forwarding on search engines. 3) menu Options / Online has a tickbox for Online interactions - make sure it is allowed. To meet with other people is best in less crowded places on the map. Orange GPS icon means unable to connect someone(or anyone?), static blue means no one near to connect." If you still fail to connect and are enough dedicated to open port, you may use a VPN that allows that. I think that you can imagine right search phrase to find some.
  3. Platinum mod has no installer, as per its ReadMe file ("TDU Platinum Install.txt") , you need to:
  4. I think that someone said in-game that he is using xbox 360. I am using box one and works OK (except sticks has dead zones - that possibly can not be fixed due to game being closed source code, but you can learn to drive decently anyway) Installation may be tricky: https://internetlifeforum.com/showthread.php?15161-How-i-setup-install-MS-Xbox-One-Wireless-controller-1697-adapter-on-Windows-7
  5. Beside what yitianetie mentioned, another issue is that there is no traffic/bots in this setup: (same happen when all is unticked) Game is ran on Linux via Wine. (same as yitianetie ?) The process command line is: TestDriveUnlimited.exe -fps -bigbnks -races I have verified that the Traffic folder + files is there in Euro/Bnk/Vehicules. @Djey
  6. You have not addressed everything what I have mentioned, but your description may suggest internet issue which possible solutions (i am aware about) i have described in previous post. Regarding read-me. file, i have the file named "ReadMe.txt" which contains this. I meant that it is important to follow especially this part: "check the GameSpy ID case and NOT TO CHANGE YOUR EMAIL OR PASSWORD OR YOUR SAVEGAME WILL BE RESET!". If you wish, PM me if you have questions to what i have suggested.
  7. i think that You should describe this situation in greater detail, like on which screen what do you see exactly and if offline profile works OK. If offline profile plays ok and online says "connecting" kind of message. It may be the issue with the internet, firewall (removing TDU from it, or adding it manually, temp. disabling antivirus, firewall - i know it is bad idea under some conditions) or you may try to use different internet - a VPN. For example protonmail.com has free one. Make sure that you have followed paradise launcher read-me file exactly to create valid online profile. Please mention how the issue was fixed if you will find the fix.
  8. I hope someone else help you better as i am probably wrong here. One of the reasons may be missing or damaged car files in Program FIles / ... / Euro / Bnk / Vehicules. I would try using original files, not applying any car pack or similar. Then try again. Then try Platinum patch files, Try again. Also i suggest to search the phrase i have quoted above (!nv!s!ble cars) in this thread (you are definitely not alone to have this issue). If you manage to make it working, please tell others how you did it.
  9. What it loads depends on what you have in C:\Users\YOURUSERAMEHERE\Documents\Test Drive Unlimited\savegame\YOYURNICKNAME In the savegame folder have to be also file ProfileList.dat . I think that this .dat file makes the profile list menu in game. So maybe you have to have backup of this file from old time when you had online profile working. Or maybe try to put online profile folder in said directory and rename the ProfileList.dat file (not likely to work). If you don't have working profile, you will create new in game (per the instructions in Project paradise pack i think). And then you can use money hack to quickly improve your game experience being able to buy cars and homes.
  10. Any version out of official DVD i guess. But as Iceman above mentioned, Gold may have issues. I doubt they would have modified other file than main .exe and if i remember correctly, Platinum pack has its own exe included so it would be replaced anyway? I know someone mentioned that no-cd crack .exe worked. By saying this i do not endorse using pirated SW.
  11. I have seen this too. I guess i am not alone, try search engine, here or google like [email protected] screen TDU1, [email protected] startup screen TDU1 etc. In this tdu1 setup tutorial (which i suggest) is mentioned following issue (i am not sure if it is the same, looks similar): You should try it when the game is in default mode (like stock game, then Platinum, no customization that you have tried and described above) And if you make it working, share what helped and backup your profile or whole drive (i use RedoRescue software).
  12. "loading screen" says exactly what or how it looks "game launches but i can't load in" you mean the "loading screen"? "broke something it seems" not happened to me, i killed/crashed the game many times and do not think it broken anything "i dont have the update patches installed yet" - you should install all patches needed and not anything else out of stock game and platinum pack i suggest checking for example this tutorial, and FAQ in case you will realize what helped, share here what it was
  13. This claim is good resource for search keywords to use in the search engine. just prepend the search phrase by "TDU1". Especially i would search "black screen" phrase in this thread. Search word "black" also on this page. And report what helped once you find out.
  14. Seems pretty rare seeing orange (hot dog) cars recently for me having Platinum I agree that if some car bug thread would exist, then there would have to be people actually willing to spend their time on fixing things instead just speaking about it. I would help myself possibly if there are some really good noob friendly tutorials step by step on how to modify things. It may be handy to mention link to best tutorials on how to fix various things in car models - maybe somewhere in TDU FAQ (i am missing it here) or link to a post which summarize Platinum policies regarding car modifications and links to tutorials which guide through the process. Some may already exist, i am guessing there are people that know already what are these tutorials/links. I have made and Nick made sound modding tutorials already but it needs also other people experiment and make another improved tutorials so people know how to achieve good results. Also question is if it is OK to do the modifications. I have seen people like possibly Milli being strict about copyright of the car models or sounds, i do not remember exactly what is the policy regarding existing car model/sound modifications to be included into Platinum @Milli maybe good this is mentioned in first post or in FAQ if not already as if written there, it can get lost.
  15. Ferrari FXX audio mod VJ View File I disliked erroneous Platinum pack Enzo FXX sound so i spent numerous hours learning and trying to make my sound mod. I based it on the sounds from the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFy17tL2NiQ The resulting sound is not stereo (i think the TDU1 needs mono). Also somehow the Audacity software which i have used was unable to amplify the volume of the imported .mp3 more without quality loss, thus the resulting quality is rubbish. Note also erroneous looping in high speed and RPM due to my soundtrack start and end is different (i am unsure if i will have energy to fix it and beside that also replace "default" sounds when gas pedal is not pushed, yet current state does not bother me and i think is better than Platinum sound). In this mod i only worked with 3 sound tracks for RPM where gas pedal is pushed, rest 3 when pedal is not pushed i left default for now. For each track i changed pitch (option in the Audacity - so the sound is different in various RPM - maybe not necessary or bad idea. One can change pitch and the speed. When changing speed, then one needs very long steady sound which may be problem to find on the internet. One may edit the sound manually, but it is too difficult and time consuming to return something good. Better to use long sound track and find part with steady RPM from beginning to the end. Nik Golič already written a tutorial on how to mod the sounds. https://turboduck.net/forums/topic/37088-tutorial-how-to-make-a-sound-mod-for-tdu/ and i also composed my own tutorial which i added to his topic. PS: if you dislike my work, i can send you original audio files so you make a better quality sound. This car really deserve it guys Actual .bnk file (last updated 5/16/2020) needs to be added to C:\Program Files (x86)\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\Sound\Vehicules\ backing up original file is advised. PREVIEW sound: click Download link to download short video. (If You want Youtube preview, please upload video to Youtube and PM me the link, i will publish it here.) Submitter vit-jan0 Submitted 02/13/2022 Category Car customization  
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