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  1. is to denounce not understand how can these disasters that disappointment but after seeing what they did with the release of TDU 2 rascals
  2. I have a problem related to yours I can not play online for quite some time that I said I would like saver unavalible server if anyone can play online or is it really closed the tdu server thanks. about your problem I have no solution as long as I've installed I could use the car sorry
  3. hi i am new and have been for a couple of years since tdu online game I've played offline someday but always online trouble connecting tube since a couple of years I think since her megapack not buy orijinal thing (can that is the problem) well the thing is that a few days ago and I found this pajina new patches and cars did not know and said physical wooowwww new cars all really fantastic. esty now looking forward to playing online and I have no idea if it works or not tdu server I can not connect please if you can help me
  4. hi all a pleasure aver found this community and all their contributions to tdu thing that pleasantly surprised me so to give congratulations. forgive my translator if something is not well understood. I live in valencia call jorge I have 32 years and am a big fan of motorsport and especially to car simulators. You know me a little more, greetings :hiya:
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