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  1. i have it :) , i improved my car, he's doing 360 km/H :) , thnx , do you know how can I record the game in full screen, i tried camtasia studio 8 and when the game starts and change to full screen, the program keep's recording the desktop, i tried fraps and the damn program doesn't start recording, and i tried total screen recorder too, and he records but i can't see the video, show's a pink screen :D Do you have an idea of how can i change the interior gauges? I like these, but i don't know how to install them: 1: [ATTACH]18957[/ATTACH] 2:[ATTACH]18958[/ATTACH]
  2. Can anyone send - me some interior gauges like these ones on the attachments for my supra, and if possible tell me how to install them [ATTACH]18955[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18956[/ATTACH]
  3. 1- how can i change the name of my car on tdu, i saw a video and he used tdu modding tools 1.10 , he switched to toyota, but when i tried it didn't appear the toyota manufacter. 2- how can i swap cams? on "combat_shotgun" video he shows how to do it, i did the same way that it is on the video, but when i started game, it stopped working on the "atari screen" i think it was because i couldn't change car's name, when the game crashes, i replace the cameras.bin file and the game works again. heelp I have magic map, i tried with modding tools 1.10 and 1.16, and none of them worked, thx
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