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  1. Is there any way I can use my own license plates on these cars? The LFA Nurburgring with a Japanese plate would be perfect :D
  2. I'd vote for the Agera RS over the One:1 as well! Although I actually cannot find out how in the world you install this thing with the autoinstaller? It just doesn't work?
  3. Hi I don't know if I have missed something but have these mods been released anywhere? That Aventador Roadster is spot on :nuts:
  4. I managed to get it to work in the end, but the links were much slower than usual and I had to open it several times before it worked :S
  5. Is there a download link for the Audi R8 V8?
  6. An excellent mod but I'm not a huge fan of the woman in the back and I'd love interior indicators :) Then it's perfect
  7. Yes the link needs to be update please ;)
  8. In my humble opinion, the SLS is one of the lowest quality cars Atari put in the game, especially the interior. It sounds terrible, too. And the wheels, where are my beloved black AMG rims? :sulk: I know that the model exists in Forza, so I am presuming that it's just a matter of a transfer (I am not a modder so if I'm talking rubbish please say!). As for sound, well I know that Assetto Corsa has the best interior sounds of any game, it sounds pretty much spot on, but I don't know if that's convertible. We've had re-masters of the WRX STI, Pagani Zonda, and Ferarri Enzo, so why not the SLS? :cheeky:
  9. A good effort. The SLS has more of a bassy sound, like a deep, growling thunder. Down low it's not too bad but when it gets up to the higher RPMs it just too high-pitched to be an SLS ;)
  10. I think the link is broken :S
  11. Just needs the original spoiler then this is a very tastefully modded car :)
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