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  1. Its a huge list which is why I uploaded all the folder, but I will try to remember, this includes most vehicle variants like bodykits unless otherwise specified: There are couple of sounds that were in platinum that I've switched around, for example the 430 Scuderia sound is now on the normal F430 while the Scuderia got a newer, more aggressive sound. cheers
  2. I've been enjoying this mod so far, but one thing that bothered me slightly was the sounds of some cars, some re-used original Atari sounds and/or had inaccurate sounds. Since I had various sound mods released over the past 10 years in my HDD which are now long lost on the Internet, I took initiative upon myself to add unique sounds for most cars in the pack. What I did: -Added new sounds for multiple cars (Including ones unlockable by tuning shop) -Sounds for most cars are unique to themselves or ones with similar engine. (Example: VR6 engine cars) -Matched sounds for cars t
  3. Excellent work... we've come so far since the baby steps of the Community Megapack and UCP.
  4. Kurt666 Assetto Corsa has high quality 3D models for Alfa Romeo 4C and updated Giulietta QV. :)
  5. Increasing the engine inertia using TDUPE might help, because from what I remember the Mercedes CLS has an unusually high inertia value(160%) while some tail-happy cars like the Saturn Curve had a really low value.
  6. Works just fine for me, only thing is that Tob Racer didn't assign them in any dealer so you have to put them in TDUMT. They're also all branded as Saabs to differentiate the clone from the original slot.
  7. I've looked into adding more cars, the main problem you'll run into is the lack of camera slots. I know I've stated this before but when adding 35-40 new cars in the unofficial megapack I ran into minor issues. When you're adding 45-90(if duplicates will be a thing) it can be very problematic. The Ford GT40 for example was one of the cars I wanted to add, but because it doesn't have a feasible camera set I replaced it with another car with a more conventional set up.
  8. Sometimes it shows up like that but it actually works I think, its worth testing it ingame to see if it works, if not I'd put replace the .bnk and try mapping it again. :)
  9. Its a tool Dredgy made I think and was released with TDUPE. Dragging the files onto the executable file will turn it into a Notepad compatible format.
  10. My method is different a bit different from JPTH, while he uses the TDU Patch Installer I go by a more manual method and don't use it at all, here it is: and the rims, its mostly the same but has some few extra steps in the end I did this write-up while I was doing it myself, if anything seems unclear I'll try to elaborate more on it.
  11. My bad then, I was probably trying it out beforehand.
  12. Just tried it out now, all looks good but the updated GT-R needs to have its rim size adjusted through TDUPE and renamed from GT-R SpecV to GT-R Black Edition because I think that's what the new models called. Nothing major its just a few seconds fix. :)
  13. Looks pretty good, guess I won't have to release my update. :lol: Mustang Boss 302 uses a HUD file called Mustang.bnk, initially I planned to use HUD from a GT500 mod but it wasn't very high quality. Do you mind telling me what are suspension fixes exactly, were the cars too high/low or is it a handling thing?
  14. Are there any other bugs that I'm missing? I've fixed the Supra, Bentley and Mustang HUD but just wanted to know if there's anything else that could be worked on.
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