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  1. I have the server issue too, any fix?
  2. Like they said GT6 would get new sounds that for SOME REASON have still not been released?
  3. so yh im prepsi, some of you may know me from tdu drivetime, if not hi. i've been playing more non-racing games as of late especially consdiering the dissapointment that the crew was but i still hop on the crew on pc and fh2 on xbone regularly, ill post my GT and steam/uplay ID in the thread for it.
  4. Hey guys! I was just wondering, could I be able to transfer my offline TDU1 profile over to online?
  5. no, for example, with zoqquer's huayra it only changes the car model, it still drives like a golf r32.
  6. When I use a model with an autoinstaller, the physics and charteristics such as ride height and name don't change.
  7. but there are no game files to delete.............it's a modded car physics. and i used 2.50
  8. but there aren't any files to delete --- Post Updated --- would he be allowed to PM me the file?
  9. uninstalling didn't work --- Post Updated --- all it did was unname the car and keep the physics......can someone PM me a regular physics file the the ls600h? --- Post Updated --- can anybody help? --- Post Updated --- can anyone reading this help --- Post Updated --- What i meant was i used TDUPE to change a car physics and i want to know how to change back --- Post Updated --- how can i rull the changes back :/
  10. as far as i know there aren't any regular tdupk files
  11. how can i go back to the vanilla game physics?
  12. Actually, a T10 dev said on twitter that all trailer was in-game
  13. i can't post links because i'm never on but i'll PM if i can
  14. yeah, i got it off gametap like that
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