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  1. [ATTACH]19881[/ATTACH] Graphic mod, change wether and time cycle. http://www.mediafire.com/download/3g7746ye6o4u8nr/Time_cycle_2014_Beta2.rar
  2. I know, it's look like cartoon. Because i didn't try to make this mode like real life. May be next mod i will make most real.
  3. Yes you can. Open file ''WeatherDesc.ini'' You will see this : [WEATHERDESC] //Default time scale : 50 Name = "DEFAULTWC" StaticCfg = "DEFAULT" "Interior" [WEATHERDESC] Name = "FREERIDE" TimeScale = 20 "" StaticCfg = "FREERIDEWEATHER_MORNING" "" StaticCfg = "FREERIDEWEATHER_AFTERNOON" "" StaticCfg = "FREERIDEWEATHER_AFTERNOON" "" StaticCfg = "FREERIDEWEATHER_EVENING1" "" StaticCfg = "FREERIDEWEATHER_EVENING2" "" StaticCfg = "FREERIDEWEATHER_NIGHT1" "" StaticCfg = "FREERIDEWEATHER_NIGHT2" "" StaticCfg = "FREERIDEWEATHER_NIGHT3" "" Change: TimeScale = 20 on 5 After that, delete: StaticCfg = "FREERIDEWEATHER_NIGHT1" "" StaticCfg = "FREERIDEWEATHER_NIGHT2" "" StaticCfg = "FREERIDEWEATHER_NIGHT3" "" Good luck!
  4. Tanks a lot for this nice car:lol:
  5. Wow, you are awesome! Thanks a lot for Sweetfx. I tested it, and i want to say, looks great in game!
  6. Your welcome guys. Only don't forget before start the game go to settings of yours video card or on your monitor settings and will make color of inten on 100% !!!
  7. This mod make change time cycle:Morning,noon,evening,twilight,night. Now HDR version !!! This mod looks very nice with mod[ iLLusion - Island Paradise v0.9.5 ] Download:http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?masuk8ue55oo888 Pics: [ATTACH]18655[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18656[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18657[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18658[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18659[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18660[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18661[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18662[/ATTACH]
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