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  1. Star GT can you put a bit lower the steering wheel so we can see the dashboard properly? :)
  2. thanks I will try and then I get back with news :D --- Post Updated --- I tried what you wrote above and I have already done it ,but when I go to properties the compatibility section is missing. Its like it doesn't let me change it. When I try to run in admin mode the unpacker it close in 3 seconds. When I try to run normally the first thing it says is "Access denied." then start unpacking but after 10 min or less it close and nothing changed. (I have a very good computer)
  3. anyone there can help me please guys I want to play the game with mods :(
  4. I installed tdu 2 on windows 8 and the unpacker doesn't work.It worked when I had W7.When starts to unpack after 10 min on some files it says: 'Files not found!". I don't know what to do :(
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