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  1. Hi mate your sound is ( a bit) low in rpm. When you are at 6000 rpm it sound like you are at 3500 rpm but your transitions are good. (My version is a bit too high i know but with stock 911 the redline is less high ;-) )
  2. A 45 amg?? :D --- Post Updated --- ...Lol (i REALLY want this car in fact )
  3. Yeeeeeeesss this is it ;-) i don't know how to thanks you m8 :-)
  4. If you make me a tdi version i will give all of my heart for make a proper sound for the RS5 m8 thanks in advance ^^
  5. Hi [email protected], your work look already awesome ;-) but i've got a lil request... can you make an a5/s5/rs5 version of it? (Or only make an a5 tdi version for me ;-) ) i could make the sound of the rs5 if you want :-)
  6. Tob is right :-) you put the "whine turbo" on the "on" samples and adapt the pitch at the pitch sample (i already made it for my last version of TDI sound mod, if anyone want it i will upload it soon)
  7. THHHHHAAAANKKKKS m8!!! microsoft XNA was missing in my scomputer ;-) I return work on my future baby ^^
  8. Hi [email protected] first of all thank you for spending your time to explain at Noob' like me xD how make a car mod easyily but... how install forza studio because for me it's crashing at start... :-/ (I'm using Win 8.1 with my new pc but i really HATE it si i'don't know if this is the problem or not...)
  9. ...i think the a3 slot is really special for tachymeter so this is the reason i replace an audi a3 by.... an audi a3 lol :-D in fact the reason is really simple look the tachymeter of it, the graduation "100km/h" is in the middle (like a lot of audi)or else the graduation "200" isn't at the end... the tachymeter of audi models aren't no proportional in their graduation i hope you will understand me ;-) So For finish i think you should place punto in your a3 slot unfortunately :-/
  10. Well, it's happen to me too, so set the speed ratio to 1.15 or something like that... but, if you really don't find a solution i'll download the punto soon and i'll try to find myself :-) I will upload it on the demand if anyone want it ^^
  11. Yeeeesss... ^^ this is what i meant try first the value i gave you and adjust it then for a perfect result ;-) ( sorry i'm not sure of my english sometimes :-D)
  12. yeah:o... i remember the A3 Slot need 80 or 100 in graduation ration and 0.85 in speed ratio. Tell if it change anything --- Post Updated --- And the value have negative effect (i don't know if you understand me lol)
  13. I prevent you, it's very difficult to have a perfect tachymeter for a few slots ingame( i have spent a lot of time on it because i've changed the interiors HUD for a few models which i want in gasoil version so i've made the sound first, but i wanted more so i've made custom hud for them (A3 TDI 170 BMW 530D E39 and other) so i've work for a long time on this f****n HUD to find a good preset especially for the rev counter etc ... ;-)
  14. For milli' you can change it in TDUPE at value "acceleration ratio" and "speed ratio" i think change by another value save and try as long you're not satisfied by the result ^^ So: - acceleration ratio = the first part of hud (0 => 120/130) reduce value for slowing it Speed ratio: i think this is the ratio of the value seen before... i think i'm not far of the solution ;-) i hope this will help you and other guys :-) (I Work on TDU for a looooog time ago ) the screen is for [email protected] ;-)
  15. It's me i think... lol your work is really hard and with the time past on it this is a little gift ^^
  16. Hi [email protected]!! All Your mods are really wonderful!!! I've got a collection of them ;-) so big thanks m8 and if you want i can post a physics file stage 1 (490hp this is the limit for the Sp98 ;-) ) for your epic supra because honestly... this is the BEST car i've drived in TDU!!!! I ride with a g27 350 mm wheel custom real h shifter ;-) and with this physics file i really discover a new game ^^ i really appreciate to share with you my pleasure with your queen :-)
  17. Hi speeder, your mod is really fantastic for me, the fuel consumption was the only thing missing in the game ;-) . But i have a question how can we set the fuel comsumption of any car?? (Database??... or other?)
  18. This is a real pleasure to contribute on an epic mod like this, it's an honor ;-)
  19. your work is A-MA-ZING!!!!!! :eek: So i want to help you, this is a few pictures of LaFerrari interior ;-) I hope that will help you for making it for TDU!!:D
  20. Can anyone make the last Polo GTI? there is an existing model on forza 3 or 4 and i'll be very happy if anyone want to make it ^^ I hope someone listen me or will listen me ;-)
  21. Yes... You're right!! lol it's a lambo fanboy sound sorry. I was sure it was you but i'm wrong. If you want I can make ferrari sound mod if you have it, i'll be very happy to work on it i love their engine sound!! <3 But... for the lamborghini, there is already existing quality sound mod for them so i think we can wait a little ;-)
  22. I already made for me a 911 sound for tdu 1 based on your samples for tdu 2 for my personal use. But if you allow me, i can upload it with your credits ;-)
  23. I can make it for you, i search all the time good samples for creating good sound so if you give me good samples for work on it i'll be really happy ;-) --- Post Updated --- The sound is not bad, but the transitions need to be fixed or change the bnk you used ( try with alfa_GT_audio.bnk because this is the sound which need shorter samples audio ;-) this is because i use it for make good and proper diesel sound because there is no source wich record high rpm for more than 2 seconds for diesel sound)
  24. i was thinking of you VanquishHH ;-)...
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