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  1. i don't notice any difference when i hold the paddle down :(. So there isn't any fix for this? and one thing i remember when i was playing this game on windows 7 bit 32 i didin't had this problem.So i guess this problem is from windows. Maybe any patch for windows 7 64bit is needed? so any help?
  2. dosen't work ,i tried to bind keys with joystick same,dosen't work. i don't know what to try more :( Please maybe someone knows how ti fix?
  3. Hi guys.I have one problem that is really annoying.It is with gearbox when i try to shift gears sometimes i need to press three or more times is really getting on my nerves :( .especially on corners.I tried every patches ,tried reinstaling the game nothing helped.so maybe you guys know the fix for this problem. I am using Windows 7 64bit
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