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  1. The picture you show is a US spec Supra, in the us they have these ugly side marker thingies. And in the EU they don't have those, so Minime can't fix it without a 3d model of a US spec supra, which is a waste of time imo.



    There is a marker(Blinker) in if European specification frontfender

  2. 1993 Nissan 240SX SE HatchBack Model(RMS13) [Ver1.0]

    Vehicle replaced: Audi S3

    Converted by WestDriver-Gren

    Test by E92M3S65B40A

    Original Model From: Turn10/Forza Horizon




    Working Door

    Working Window

    Working Mirror

    Working Speed&Tacho Meter Bad:(

    Highpoly Interior (+ Door Paneels)

    Accurate Detail

    US Side Marker

    LOD0 model Convert

    Working Blinker Indicators on the cockpit

    Working High beam Indicators on the cockpit

    Dirt & Scratches

    Paintable body Bad:(









    Download: () delete please


  3. Thank you for reply

    I've tried, but it was decided that it is impossible because the pitch varies depending on the number of revolutions.


    I have changed the development based WRXSTI when reproduction of sound



    I write the video link at the time of the now


    Please delete ()

  4. Hi, is250gren.

    I'm also not so good at English, but don't worry:D

    The youtube link you provided seems not work. Could you please check it?


    Sound that we can put out, the only sound that is described in CarVSTConfig.xmb.

    I think that a sound elements of the sound, such as the over-rev warning has not been incorporated.

    So, put out that kind of sound is hard maybe.



    Since no Halle link yet, we apologize to become a kind of shape.




    Hmmm...I think if it is possible to ring the buzzer in 6200 ~ 7000RPM, but I is not be helped.


    It's not ring the buzzer I'm sorry, but I will do my best to be able to say MOD!

    Thank you for the reply!:)

  5. I am not good at English.

    This sentence I used Google Translate.


    I am making a Sound MOD for the first time now.

    We chose to first is MOD Rotary Sound

    Replacement is Ginetta.


    Youtube watch?v=OSJ_s8ORaV4


    It is very far from complete.


    Although we would like to reproduce also over-revving warning buzzer,

    But I do not know how to play the sound in any timing.:sulk:

    Please let me know if there are those who know.

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