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  1. I had a read through both of these a little while after i put up the thread... So saying it was possible to recreate a working server version i would be more than happy to launch it on a dedicated server i have shares on. It would be great to see TDU 1 back online. first time i played this must have been around 5 years ago, i fell inlove. back then my laptop was pretty much insuficient so got to try out the console version. over the last bit ive only managed to use a cracked version... :ill: Havent found a legitimate copy either... :( I mean also after reading the threads about tdu1 taken offline and how it affected the community, wasnt all too great on atari's part. so building it back up would be a real Paradise for many if not all fans out there :) so i'll keep looking into it. even try get in touch with the Atari Developers (TRY)
  2. I would like to find out if its at all by any means possible to host a Dedicated Test Drive Unlimited server. I've been doing some scouting but haven't found any info on the matter. If anyone has an idea or knows of something please let me know. Thanks all up in Advance :)
  3. Hey there. So im pretty new to the Mods for TDU and could use a quik bit of help, just got hold of this as well as the 1.68B, i should have all the necessary files patches and files installed, but when i run the Paradise mod my game goes bonkers, the map is all black, also extremely glitchy, and when i run the winter/autumn addon it glitches out my graphics, ( ingame everything is 1 black box)... Is there by any chance that somebody could give me some advice on how to fix this? Im pretty keen on running this mod. Thanx up in advance.
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