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  1. if I can remmember I replace a Golf with my TANK ... so if you adapt this to a golf, that'll be epic thanks :)
  2. can you make this physic for CARS ? I need it because of reasons !! LOL (I actually have a TANK model on my offline version of TDU and with this can be STUPID FAST so if you can transfer that for cars, that'll be awesome!
  3. I will probably get shout at that it is the wrong section but EVERY TDU2 players that got its time into the game will recognize this song.. I maybe one of the few that took the time to look it up, but listen to this :
  4. running around with a modified Cadillac Escalade Sure would be great.. and if you mod the physics, it could be the ULTIMATE Sleeper car
  5. The R34 you can buy now is NOT the same R34 you got from previous savegames. TDU sees them as different cars, even though they share the files. Simple solution though, sell the old R34 and buy a new one. figured that out too each cars have their unique ID that's what I found out.. hey at least I know what is the problem LOOL
  6. any tuner that I click onto , the car is not tuneable BUT I don't know if the R34 from this savefile got bought in the dealer.. maybe it's one you won the events (yeaa converted a 90% offline savegame to ONline) so I have my nickname and all but IDK I'll buy one from dealer and I'll talk to you about it EDIT: it seems that you CAN'T tune the one you win through carreer but if you buy it, you can... might discovered a bug by accident :)
  7. other question .. I see in the files variations of the Nissan Skyline R34 BUT! the game says the R34 isnt tuneable... is this a bug ? or did you added another R34 in another dealer that I didnt found yet ?
  8. uhm it seems that I can't do the VERY FIRST RACE to be able to go in freeride with my friends
  9. Project Paradise Ace -> Ace level at 88% uhm...? does that mean an online savegame at ACE level ?? thanks but where is it ?
  10. I know it can't be done in one day... I even think it can't be done at all... but I'll try : can you rework how the cars handle ? maybe the general handling algorythm to stop the cars going like boats and having not enough braking and not much acceleration...
  11. Toyota Celica GT-S 1992 basically this is my car.. I bought it a week ago and I can't drive it because it needs some fixes... nd I want to drive it in TDU2... so if someone can do it :) please !
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