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  1. korko5

    Neon lights

    Who can create neon lights for cars of tdu2?such us Mitsubishi lancher?(which replace TT RS) Its a great idea!!:)
  2. its a dlc car and i cant buy it:( any ideas?
  3. korko5


    How about to create an abarth 500 and an abarth punto evo mods?
  4. korko5


    If you have it (the folder with Scirocco) send me please in private message;) thanks a lot:-)
  5. korko5


    I believe that scirocco R it would be a great mod especially if replaces VW GTI;) its a car which missing from the game.So it would be a nice idea if someone of the moders create that :) thanks a lot :-)
  6. Hey could you please bring back the bmw m3 e92 because i cant found it anywhere?is it possible?
  7. There is a problem with the inside camera?how to fix it?
  8. do you know where i can find the vehicle bmw e92 m3 for tdu2?i have only found sounds and rims and some files who have false name in the folder.for example in the folder says CLK_55.BNK and in the tdu2 unpack say SLK_55.BNK. so i dont know how to fix it..
  9. Thanks for your reply!:) i would like to say that when i click on unpack_full.bat in order to upnack the game open cmd which say: error in src\quickbms.c line 8623:dumpa_direct_copy (Y) error not enough space open input file bigfile_EU_1.map open script xmbf.bms set output folder offset filesize filename the file is bigger than 2 gigabytes it should work correctly but contact me or the author of the script in case of problems or invalic extracted files ANY IDEAS?
  10. what exaclty do you mean that nothings works on c drive?because i have the same problem with windows 7..should we tranfer to an another drive?help please..
  11. I have done everything you write but when i click unpack_full_bat the only thing that unpacks is some voices sounds and islands.In the vehicles folder i have only high folder and in the high foler i have got only range rover.I have the latest version of the game-->dlc2 v034 build16 and my UAC off and i have done everything you write i have also WINDOWS 7 and i have read somewhere that i have to copy game files from my local drive (C:.) to an another drive but i dont know what exactly that means,,,what should i do?HELP ME PLEASE! thanks a lot
  12. please any help? i want tdu2 unpacker for dlc 2 v034
  13. Do you know any unpack for dlc2 v034?
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