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  1. Best Bentley Continental SuperSports Ever!!!! i love your work!! :))
  2. the video have no sound :( pls fix the problem :)
  3. has also wondered where I got the data here was 135 m coupe o.O then have it written down so it'll but remedy same :) Thank you
  4. real 135 physik with 7 gears 6 gears version is on still working
  5. impreza physics, from the real 2010 impreza cosworth 400 HP 0-100 kp/h: 3,7 sec.:p video coming son.. this is a 2010 impreza tuned from Cosworth sorry for waiting, i'm still working on the subtleties! :) impreza physics, from the real 2010 impreza cosworth
  6. no problem ;) ist a very dificult drifft physik :D but also nice :) cann you make a supra drift car? thats would nice :drool:
  7. @ [email protected]_$HOTGUN thats sounded good :)..thx :) have you test the normal physik mod from me?
  8. Supra 4WD Physik mod with much grip!:):cool:
  9. This is a Physik mod for the Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Video: coming soon..
  10. do you use any one patch? maybe it's because .. with me from the game crashes when I patch the game .. or your game goodbye just ... for me the windows installer file was then no longer available. funnily enough it's back now .... I do not think you've got a system error .. rather a TDU1 error. let your system to check it out any problems .. then you'll know whether it's the system or the game ;)
  11. The car is still drifting but easy to control .. when he is not at all imagine drifting "understeer" back a little as "100" then drifts the car very very little
  12. then everything is good :) do you like the physics?
  13. this is my first mod and in the first phase!:D [ATTACH]18869[/ATTACH]
  14. mh ok, i have download and yous 2.78. It all worked without problems o.O Is that with you now too?
  15. You have to use the TDU editor. or do you use it? if so, which version? I use the version 2.5 ... maybe that's only with the version ... so I'm really stumped. I tried it with a buddy of mine and it went without problems ...
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