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  1. Great sound , thanks for your work!
  2. got you bro !! i had this problem and figured it out my self. Go to your local hard drive, program data (if you cant see it , unlock hidden folders) and look for a Atari folder and delete it
  3. Some progress should be seen by the end of the night. Here's some recent pics in-game:susp:: [ATTACH]24419[/ATTACH][ATTACH]24420[/ATTACH]
  4. Made by me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImuvvyfawUA
  5. i really dont know why tdu doesn't even work for me on windows 10. Same disc and methods to installing tdu on my computer since windows 7 . After adding the d3d9 file, it crashes before any loading menu leaving know errors. Remove the d3d9 file, game starts and plays. I ttried intalling the directX, no luck. (Windows 10 hp 8gbs of ram, intel hd 3000, i5)
  6. Haven't posted in a long time .. but here's some unedited shots!
  7. Think i figured out my problem... Turned off my firewall.. THEN KAAAAAABOOOM it worked ... after 10 re-installs :dhomer: Edit: Well, I got on to the main menu after that one try, said the servers were unavailable but the client was on .003 so, i tried loading my online save that i used on windows 7 , then boom crash. :( @BeSweeet , did you do anything to get it working like compatible .. etc? You think its because im on Windows 10 Home x64? (even tho i dont think that'll make a difference.) As much as I like windows 10, I am going to downgrade.
  8. That's what i was thinking, but the installer says their is a newer version installed blah blah blah. And all that PVR stuff is disabled. So maybe, the d3d9 isn't windows 10 compatible.... Is anyone else trying to run online with windows 10 ??
  9. Yessir, well sort of, apparently a newer version is installed. Should I uninstall the newer version and install the version provided in the readme? Also, thanks for the response!
  10. Well, tempted guy me upgraded to Windows 10 and reinstalled TDU with my legal copy. I could start the game fine, but when i add the d3d9 file , i can't even boot up the game. Crashes before the logos even show up. Yes, I'm using compatibility mode and the game is basically a clean version. Patched to 1.68b like my old game. But it boots and plays fine without the d3d9 file. Any clue what's going on or is it just windows itself?
  12. [ATTACH]22970[/ATTACH][ATTACH]22971[/ATTACH] Was post to get all the texturing and positioning done tonight, but between the wrong textures and some confusion.. I'm stuck here.... Going to try again tomorrow :(
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