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  1. Sorry to tell you this m8 but the link is dead and there is no downloading it from here anymore...
  2. OMG why would you ever host such a large ass file on a file sharing service that throttles your download speeds unless you pay some cash! WTF! After I download pm me for a mediafire link...
  3. Dat ass tho... F50 is love, F50 is life...
  4. Wow I got a bad rep for suggesting that I reupload to a safe link... omg smh lol just trynna be nice :) Gt you need to fix your links...
  5. It's not even worth downloading lmao because you get "cheater detected" because this is mean't for an older version.
  6. For all you sexy people here is the link without the slashes 1993 Mazda RX-7 R1 [1.0.0]
  7. Dear god this is beautiful I think i'll start my own thread on DriveClub screenshots!
  8. Billboard ads are held in the commenworld.bnk and the radio ads are in the sound files "euro/bnk/sound/radio/" I think... again i'm not 100% sure.
  9. Last time I checked they where textures located in the commenworld.bnk? I'm not %100 sure but I think that's where they are located.
  10. I LOVE YOU!!! THIS AMAZING!!!! I've been waiting so long for this!!
  11. Can you stop posting links to that stupid site? If he really wants it he will find it on google faster than the 60 seconds he has to wait for your (most likely) virus infected download...
  12. Hey i'm interested if you can take to time to fix the hand positions in the car. That would be awesome! :P Awesome like always!
  13. I actually really want to get this game... But I don't think buying an Xbox one is worth it just for one game...
  14. Is it possible to take his downloads and repost them on a safe upload like mediafire or dropbox? Or am I just going to have to Update his posts with Direct links?
  15. I found a bug while coming from Ibiza to Hawaii... The door is for some reason half way in the ground...
  16. This car works just fine you probably didn't do something right...
  17. Don't Download! Well I'll be damned this link remove option was there for a good reason... Because right after I clicked the link i got the FBI virus... :D Thanks StarGT!
  18. Take the file you download and put them all in the TDU2 root folder. once you start the game I think you need to press f12
  19. When I click on your "link" I take me to the mediaplanet page but the mediaplanet thread has no download link :/
  20. So you are going on vacation right? Well after you are back are you able to make a Russian Licence plate? That would be awesome :D
  21. Jesus man what ever happened to you trying to teach me to sound mod? By the way I updated my post and added the pictures of the mod :)
  22. I like the mod but I have a question... Does everyone have to go through that stupid Depositfiles? I hate waiting 60 secs for another captcha code to enter >:( This mod is really nice though it's just annoying to run through that process anytime I download from you!
  23. Audi Photo shoot Edit: Well since the servers are off might as well take some pictures :P
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