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  1. Is this a new mod, or the same one released several years back.
  2. OH @tduchicken, i have those wheels, just for some reason they arent that big on my other cars, perhaps its because of your car mod they look nice. Thanks though.
  3. Those wheels, of the second last set of photos, dark navy blue R8, what are they and where can i get them. Are they part of the pack or something separate. I've been looking for some large rims, but can never find any.
  4. Considering its a supercar, weird as looking one i might add. Those are some cheapy as looking rims it has, that looks like its been taken of a Toyota Corolla.
  5. Yeh its like StarGT is a changed man all of a sudden, i like it. As long as its direct its fine, at least to me it is.
  6. I know ive had my indifferences with you about random stuff, but even i have to concede and admit that you are a top modder, great mod, hope to see more ..
  7. @donnie what wheels are those, and where did you get them lol
  8. Yeh, going to have to agree with what "Sm0kiT" said .. had a quick look and it shows the credits for the doors and what not as being Qilin doing it .. [ATTACH]21462[/ATTACH] Also the download link .. has been changed to being .. http://depositfiles.com/files/tmz4iku3q, instead of the original Mediafire link that tduchicken has uploaded on. SO unless it really is Qilin's own mod that just so happens to be EXACTLY the same, seems like those two have tag teamed up and taken credit for it on his site.
  9. LOL, yeh well if you were directing that at me, i kinda get what you mean now, but i honestly didnt see the post about the steering till you mentioned it, I skim read the posts, not word for word. Sometimes i jump posts.
  10. @Minimie/Jorge .... i think im gonna steal the UP4 Gallardo sound mod and put it for this car ... Wonder if it'll work. @tduchicken, but yeh awesome mod, really stepping up man, but can you fix that steering wheel holding spot? I quite like driving incar view, but those hands would seriously bug me after a while.
  11. I think they think its broken because they are just clicking it as it is, which gives the "lalalala" start, dont you have to change it to something else first?
  12. Ye i really wanted to two-tone my Gallardo, but it gets rid of the side sticker, which i wanna keep. Still a beautiful car either way, oddly drive that more then the Aventador.
  13. Oh interesting, what is this development. I remember a big scene back when StarGT and Qilin tag teamed on Huggy for taking credit for someone elses work (or something) ... now his taking credit for Minime's work?
  14. I dont completely remember, when i tried, but i dont think it works. Wish you made one for that Aventador though Legionary.
  15. The car is RHD already, unlesss you mean the camera view, in that case you'd just need the camhack mod, its somewhere on these forums i believe.
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