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  1. I do not understand English. Since I use Google Translate, you may have become a strange English. 私は英語が分かりません。Google翻訳を利用していますので、変な英語になっているかもしれません。
  2. Thank you for Japanese compatible version. I was able to unpack without problems.
  3. Thank you very much everyone. Unpack the Japanese version was successful thanks. Mr. binbow, Xarlith acids or other everyone, Thank you very much.
  4. The bin file that I would a file in the "unused_bin". Files in their "unused_bin" has become something like this once. [ATTACH]19073[/ATTACH]
  5. I do not know where to find the bin file. So unpack the Japanese version gives up. Those who have supported reply, thank you very much
  6. I was very slow for rotation of my head is slow. I am sorry. To say the "big Files" Is it all right as of the date of this image? Is located in (or where the testdrive2.exe) TDU2 folder location.
  7. Thank you for reply. Anyway, I added the (Euro / Bnk / sound / voices / ja /) path that seems to be a voice of the Japanese version of the file list of unpacker but you do not know the meaning of the character, such as "47BC651F6834AAF8" I am in trouble since. Once, copy the backup, you can try if you can unpack.
  8. When you unpack the Japanese version of TDU2, will prevent audio output. Japanese version is on the market from where you say cyber front, I purchased the Japanese version. However, when you unpack the game to put the MOD, voice is no longer heard all. Will there be unpacker to unpack voice of the Japanese version to come out? Because I am not good at English, so I am writing this using Google Translate, you may have become strange English.
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