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  1. Hey Guys, is there any chance to convert the 2007 Corsa VXR / OPC into TDU2? Would love to drive my Car around Hawaii and Ibiza :D The Car is featured in FH2 and FM7, getting a suitable 3D Model shouldnt be the problem then ;)
  2. I want to say thank you for all your support and to keep it short: I lost everything of my computer, because of that i'll stop that project
  3. I'm sorry to announce that, but I'll stop my work on this work after this year. I'm not sure if I will release a french version or not before i stop it.
  4. lets do it the following way: I pm you the commands and you translate it
  5. nooo, all you should do is to translate the phrases, all which has to be done later is my part ;)
  6. Lets have a deal: you give me a translation, I do the mod ;)
  7. After there wasnt any sign of Life i can tell you that the work for this mod continues :) I'm working at the spanish version now ;)
  8. Hey, I'm sorry that i didnt answer, i was in vacation and had no wifi, I'm back now :)
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