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    DCS World, Assetto Corsa, pCARS, GTA 5, Arma 3, Live for Speed

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  1. One of my favorite cars IRL in Assetto Corsa [ATTACH]30351[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30352[/ATTACH]
  2. Like old times...specifically 1994 The Need For Speed "old times" [ATTACH]30350[/ATTACH]
  3. DCS + reshade [ATTACH]30347[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30348[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30349[/ATTACH]
  4. The Miata ready for the drive to school. Foggy morning made for some nice light rays out in the pasture, and covered the Miata in a fine mist. Had to take out the alternator and replace it a few days beforehand, and I was stuck driving my sister's Mercury sedan for a couple of days. This came to be probably the most beautiful drive I've had, the fog having a huge effect on that. [ATTACH]29944[/ATTACH]
  5. Bunch of odd cars at the local high school a few days ago IS300 shooting brake... [ATTACH]28372[/ATTACH] Tesla Model S and what looks to be an almost stock Del Sol [ATTACH]28373[/ATTACH]
  6. Not necessarily recent (2011)...but what a funny little thing :lol: [ATTACH]28141[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]28142[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]28143[/ATTACH]
  7. DCS World's AJS-37. I was taking some photos after getting it and one of them landed on my desktop. It's a seriously beautiful game engine. Come to think of it, since around September of 2014 all of my desktop wallpapers except for maybe one (I change them around every month or so) have been aircraft within DCS World. [ATTACH]28070[/ATTACH]
  8. [ATTACH]27588[/ATTACH] assetto corsa porsche 993 turbo silverstone 1967
  9. A couple of odd cars in the line for pick-up at the school last week. [ATTACH]27294[/ATTACH] A BRAT...the poor car looks to be needing some new paint...but interesting nonetheless. Besides, judging from the payload in the back, it seems to be more of a working vehicle than a collectible to the driver. [ATTACH]27295[/ATTACH] Tesla Model S...unknown wattage. First one I've seen around here. Someone also comes by with a Panamera 4, but I've never had any good photos of that. I saw a G11 7-series BMW in the line a few weeks ago.
  10. A clear day after a hurricane is a great time for a wash. Many water spots all around and some dried clay-mud on the fenders (we live in an area full of that kind of mud) beforehand, but now it looks fresh once again :D. Love the reflection coming off of the front-right fender. [ATTACH]27293[/ATTACH]
  11. [ATTACH]26998[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]26999[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27000[/ATTACH]
  12. [ATTACH]26860[/ATTACH] assetto corsa, @ laguna seca
  13. Because I don't have the money. ​ really i just don't want to spend mine on it
  14. [ATTACH]26690[/ATTACH] Done in Assetto Corsa on the rFactor-ported Nürburgring, using the "Natural Mod" or something like that, found it on the forums
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