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  1. I haven't been posting recently, but I have been working. My current projects that I am back and forth between are a 1983 Volvo 240 Turbo, 1959 BMW 507, 1960 Ferrari 250 GT California, and a 1965 MG MGB. I will get pictures up soon. I am mostly having trouble with the lights.
  2. Man Nobby, that guy sounds like a real dope. I know many people that think like that and have itunes libaries of like 1,000,000 songs saying they got them from a "free downloading site" or worse yet, when a page it blocked on their wifi network they flip out and get mad about not being able to get on their tumblr or other pointless social network. Regarding the copyrights and stuff. I read this article, I forget where, but Rockstar was thinking about scrapping the entire idea of GTA V on PC because of modders. I will fact check that statement later.
  3. All-in-all, what modders and unpackers are doing is, in fact, illegal. Modding is widespread and even though it is illegal, its too hard to catch and arrest the millions that do it. Really its law but is disregarded and is unimportant.
  4. You are right that I am in fact not doing any studies of law and really have not much intent on studying it. I can believe what you are saying.
  5. Remember, you are not dealing with only the U.K. you have the laws of many countries applying to content for people around the world. Regardless of what you wave in someone's face saying "This is law," it might not even apply to that person because it isn't law in their country. So really, people only ever need to follow rules that apply to them, even if its illegal for you.
  6. So paying to get mods is illegal, never knew that as a hard and fast rule, but thought it seemed unfair to have to pay for anything user made.
  7. I looked into cars with comparable power and Huggy seemed to have the best ideas as to which to change the car for. I did change it to the Corvette C1 and so far, if work keeps up, release could possibly be next week or the week after.
  8. Here is my next project that I a currently working on. The BMW 507. In the picture, it replaces the Aston Martin One-77. I have not finalized which are it will replace, but that will change to be something of similar stats.
  9. Ok, I love the idea of the spring in tdu2, but what is the weurd shader effect with the car? When I look at the before and after, the car is much darker. Also, the Lefarrai mod, I was thinking about it more. Is there any way to crack open Real Racing 3? I'm not sure of the model quality, but I think it could potentially be good.
  10. I think the idea for the LaFerrari should just be canceled. Just end it and all of its rumors. That would be easiest. Just make it disappear, completely.
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