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  1. I have the same problem with the BAC Mono, i links to a site called Deskbook, too bad.
  2. Great!! So much love for your mods :) Thanks very much!
  3. I like the mod! But not my kind of car. + REP though ;)
  4. I love this mod so much! One of the best on the forum ;) +REP!
  5. Wow! Downloaded the HRE at first for my E46 M3! +rep
  6. Great mod! Great work! Thank you :)
  7. The mod is quite good, except fot if you open the door the windows go to the left and right. Maybe fix it?
  8. When I install this rim, change the name to A4_S4_F_01.bnk and replace it, my game immediately crashes.. what to do? I am using Dopeman's TDU btw.
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