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    Test Drive Unlimited 2, Race '07
    Can't get it to work, it crashes at launch Also, i don't understand why it needs to be unpacked after installing the mod, the unpack proccess only unpacks the original files, so it disregards the new launcher. Oh well, i guess it'll work eventually.
  1. TDU2, overrated? If anything, it's underrated, and this thread shows I'm finally decided to play the first TDU and honestly, i don't see how its physics are better than TDU2's (If anything, they are worse, cars seem to lack any weight whatsoever, and the handling feels very mechanic. I'm enjoying the game because it's still a TDU game and it shows, but i'm having a hard time getting used to it), the game was also very criticised at launch and TDU hardcore fans proved to be an insufferable bunch in the official forums, if you ask me.
  2. I may be kinda late for this, but you need to map every key in the controller config. It's been a while btw. I'm joining this, i miss a good TDU2 online session, so i'll use this to scratch the itch. Amazing to even see it done. EDIT: Got it working, i missed the feeling of just cruising leasurely, there's no open world racing game that does that anymore. Thank you @Milli for getting TDU back EDIT2: Servers are out i think.
  3. lalalala dat noise, we have a Golf, an Alfa Romeo Mito, an old Beetle, and basically everything over A4 are, at most, common cars aside some exceptions. As far as i understand the game, it's more about diversity than luxury.
  4. I hope this means that some cars are getting updated instead of completely replaced. I mean, is your mod, i have no voice on it, but i hate it when original content is fully replaced.
  5. With the unoptimized mess TDU2 is, that's not enough and you know it. I mean: FX4300 @3.8 Ghz 4GB DDR3 HD7770 1GB GDDR5 And i'm still having severe slowdowns at some places ffs.
  6. Didnt read this. Good news! Aston Martin is a bit under represented in the game (Well WTH, almost every brand aside Mercedes, Audi and Ferrari is)
  7. If i'm getting it right, someone (mitkop?) doen't want to make addon cars for TDU2 for freen, am i right? Well, i can't say it isn't fair, however paid modding would tarnish the TDU2 community, and would set a dangerous precedent. I've been far from this community for a long time so i can't say i have a voice, but if i have to choose i prefere whoever will make his mods for free. Btw StarGT, i'm happy that your cars doesn't halve my framerate now. I'm still getting 10 fps less with your models XD Yours are pretty good in any case.
  8. BMW i8 feels sooooooooooo good to drive, A4 are usually so stiff, the car feels more like an A3 because its agility. One of the best experiences i ever had on TDU2
  9. Sorry for the double post. I may have missed something but... DLC verification doesn't work anymore after installing the patch? I'm well aware of wich DLC cars i have, however, every single one of them are aviable now after installing the Autopack. I though it was a server side issue, but people in the steam forums are claiming that DLC verification works for them. Edit: Nvm, seems to be one of the modifications made by the autopack. Well, it's neat, now i can have my Harley :)
  10. I've taken a fast stroll by all the dealers, the new cars look pretty :) I'll give them a try tomorrow with my old profile
  11. I've been out for long, so didn't realize that this came so far. There's never enough cars in TDU2 Btw, did it need to be DepositFiles? Is slow as hell. Oh well... at least it's up.
  12. Things got interesting while i was away! This may be the greatest thing for TDU2 after de Unnoficial Patch. I'll be testing it later :D
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