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  1. Let me explain why the rear lights rocks!
  2. What the lalalala with the McLaren F1 in the raid pack? it's the only car i want from the dlc's...... >.< --- Post Updated --- This is officially the ugliest car i have EVER saw !!
  3. You can use this one for the moment if you want, if you still have trouble making one,, i can make it for you since i love your enb :)
  4. My second mod, for the Ford GT!!! Feel the raw power of the V8!! Just for info the mod sounds better ingame, rendering screwed the sound quality, so let me know what you think! Edit: changed the high RPM sound for a much better one, video and download link show the new sound Video: Link to download: Ford GT Sound Mod by Gr0k0n v2
  5. Well as the title says, it's a sound mod for this wonderful bike! So, the "special" thing here, is that there are 2 versions of the sound, wich makes 2 mods in 1 ;) It's up to you wich one you prefer ! Video: Link to download: ZX10R Sound Mod by Gr0k0n
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